2014 Chrysler 200 with 9-Speed Automatic

If only you are now looking for a mid-size powerful sedan which is available on the markets out there, 2012 Chrysler 200 with 9-speed automatic can be the best idea to choose. For your information, this car is actually the product of Chrysler that employs 9-speed automatic. With this level of speed, 38 mpg can surely be delivered on the highway. Can you imagine how powerful the car is? Compared to 2012 Altima, the 2014 Chrysler 200c concept in this case is better in every way. In line with this, the more elaboration about the machine as well as the interior of the car will then be given below.

The Machine of 2014 Chrysler 200

As what we have said before, the 2014 Chrysler 200 is very powerful to use. Of course the machine of this car can play a very significant role to produce the power. More than that, this car actually uses the 3.2 liter Pentastar V6 engine. The use of this engine therefore makes the huge power of the car here.

2014 Chrysler 200 spy shots, 2014 Chrysler 200c concept

2014 Chrysler 200 spy shots, 2014 Chrysler 200c concept

The Interior of 2014 Chrysler 200

2014 Chrysler 200 is not only appealing from the outside but its interior is amazing as well. The interior design of this car becomes one of the 2014 Chrysler 200 spy shots. Do you know how much money spent by Chrysler to revamp the 200? You will probably not believe it. $2 billion is spent to revamp the car here. This also actually includes the interior upgrade.

As a result of the revamp, there is ambient lighting in the interior part of this car. Besides, the interior in this case is also upgraded with quilted leather. Because of the great power and interior, 2014 Chrysler 200 is therefore predicted to be one of the favorite cars to be released next year.