2015 Ford Raptor Changes the F-150?

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Many faithful fans of Ford Raptor are expecting to see the SVT Raptor when Ford has not been confirming anything else about 2015 Ford Raptor changes yet until now. What do we do now is only spying any chances on the internet about this SUV. The latest news say that this SVT Raptor will be follow the F-150 lineup due its release date which already on sale now on the market. This rumor is absolutely true because the official website of Ford has already given us this clue. Once we search about Raptor, it directs us to the 2015 Ford F-150.

Based on the Concept
Even though Ford has no declared yet, it does not mean we cannot predict 2015 Ford Raptor changes. The 2013 Atlas Concept can be our guide to see what Ford will do for new Raptor. This concept was revealed at the same year of it in Detroit Auto Show. The front light will be surprised at our first sight when we see the debut of this Raptor. They will make some unique form if they are fused with its body-colored strip as we found on the concept. The fender will make some squared design due its front which earlier to be square.

The next segment of 2015 Ford Raptor changes is about the weight. Of course, we will see once more how come Ford brings the F-150 with lightweight body frame rather than its predecessor in the next generation of Raptor. The keyword is aluminum material. Yep, the lightweight aluminum is believed by many experts to be featured on this Raptor due the successful story of F-150 which has less-weight body even in its lineup. Ford is trying to minimize all-weight of their truck lineup nowadays due the market demands.

Same V-8 Engine
There are no 2015 Ford Raptor changes under the hood honestly. However, we will be surprised if Ford gave new engine somewhere in 2015. The same V8 engine which found on the current version has huge possibility to be implemented once more. Of course, a supplement such as EcoBoost system will be expected here but the current Raptor has good fuel consumption, though. The power must be at least 450 horsepower due its name as SVT version of F 150. If there is an increased EPA rating, it must be at least 10 up to 15 percent only.

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