2016 Ford Focus Rs: 5 Doors Car For Your Convenience

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When we talk about the 2016 Ford Focus RS, then we will talk about one generation hatchback from Ford that comes with cool and hot design that will make anyone will be amazed by it. This car comes with a 2.3L turbocharged engine support which is able to generate more power from 316 hp. The latest Focus RS will present the power through a variable all-wheel drive system as part of the technical innovations that are designed such that the car has a high performance. If we want to get information about the 2016 Ford Focus RS, then we can do a search through several sources, including the Internet.

Internet is the largest source for us to be able to find a variety of information related to the latest Focus RS in a way that is easier and faster including information that the all-wheel drive car is equipped with dynamic torque vectoring system that is an important mechanical upgrades are also owned by others trim such as Focus ST. All-wheel drive system is designed and manufactured by twin electronically controlled clutch pack that was on each side of the rear drive unit that works like a limited slip differential. To note, the rear drive unit works by using sensors that monitor the condition of 100 times per second, which will distribute electricity continuously between front wheel and rear wheel, and on either side of the rear axle to the torque can be sent to one of the wheels with full percentage.

Yup, with this system, then we will get the transfer of torque to the outside rear wheel during cornering which will help the stability and turn-in. In addition, the system will help provide neutral handling limits and adjusted, and the ability to achieve over-steel drifts on the track. With the twin clutch is applied to the 2016 Ford Focus RS, then we will get a real progress which not only from certain angles, but also on turn-in and stability as mentioned previously. For the engine, we will find the use of 2.3L 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine that is up-rated version as applied to the Ford Mustang. In addition, we also will have twin-scroll turbocharger equipped with a low inertia larger compressor to assist airflow. We will also get the intercooler with a larger size and water intake.

Machines used in the 2016 Ford Focus RS is paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox which has experienced an increase in the action shifts shortened so that it can more quickly and is able to perform more accurate changes when controlled. As for the transmission and clutch, we’ll get that car has a torque increase from the previous generation where we will get a torque of 320 lb / ft and 340 hp. Use of the machine is applied to the latest Focus RS also in fact associated with the exhaust system a much greater where the system can not only be used to improve the overall performance of the car, but also can be tuned to provide a sporty sound character so long as the spirit of driving we will find a much more high – including the distinctive presence burbles, crackles and pops that are characteristic of the 2016 Ford Focus RS.

Some people saw the prototype of the car even say that the sound produced by the Focus RS is included in the category of very hard. In 2016 Ford Focus RS, we will find the some of the trim range from MK3 Focus RS Focus RS MK1, MK2 Focus RS, and a special edition Focus RS-500, each offering different strengths. For the special edition, we will find strength 345 hp, for we will find strength MK1 212 hp, and for MK2 we will find strength 301 hp. The latest Focus RS is offered as a 5-door car for the whole range of the Focus. Then, what about the other exterior parts? Well, for tires used, for example, we will get a special tire developed semi-click with a diameter of 19 inch multi-spoke alloy wheels. The car also comes with an aerodynamic design that is equipped with an increase in brake and cooling power-train. As for the interior, we will find the some upgrades when compared to previous generations.
Some of these changes include the use of RECARO seats with a sporty design that will make the interior look cute. In addition, we will also find leather-clad steering wheel to the dashboard with a simpler design. 2016 Ford Focus RS is also equipped with an 8-inch standard touch screen and connectivity system Ford with SYNC-2 version. For color choices, we can choose to get the color of frozen white or absolute stealth black or gray or nitrous blue.

Then, when we can get this car? Well, it seems we must be patient because the new car will be produced later this year and will be found in dealerships next spring. For the price offered, Ford has not issued an official statement, but it is expected that the price offered is not more than $ 31,000. We do not need to worry about not going to get this car for the first time Focus RS will be sold in all global markets from Europe, Asia, to North America. 2016 Ford Focus RS comes with road and track settings are intended for greater flexibility than previous generations and bring comfort to drive the car. By driving this car, then we certainly will get a pleasant driving experience. Ford engineers in fact been trying hard enough to bring the car that could be used by all people to the maximum level of comfort and high functionality. Many solutions were applied to the 2016 Ford Focus RS by experts to produce cars with a variety of benefits including a much more affordable price.

After getting some information about the 2016 Ford Focus RS in the above, then we can be sure that we get the science of growing and became more widespread insight that can help us to decide whether we will choose to make it a dream car or choose another car. Doing research about the car that we want before buying it is a wise thing we can do because we certainly do not want to get an item that did not have the specifications in accordance with what we want, is not it?!.

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