2016 Ford Gt Specs: Get To Know It’s Perform And Everything

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If we want to know the 2016 Ford GT specs then do a search through several sources including the internet is a very good idea to apply. Through the Internet, we will find there is so much information in a variety of formats that can we get linked with the 2016 Ford GT. Internet brings us to the greater opportunity to find what we want in a way that is easy and fast so it will be beneficial for us who thirst for information and wanted to get it without having to flip through a book or magazine, and more. To note, Ford presents a 2016 Ford GT specs that will make us gasp in which we will find a variety of sophisticated and cool stuff in it, including the use of EcoBoost engines are also used in a number of other cars including the Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST.

EcoBoost engine that used has a new turbocharged and advanced aerodynamics will not make anyone disappointed when driving this super cool. In other words, could be mentioned that this is a car designed with design and technology which resemble other cars used in racing. For engines and performance, 2016 Ford GT has 3.5L V6 comes with using a twin-turbocharged petrol engine. This machine is then paired with an automatic transmission 7-speed dual clutch that offers fast gear changes and instant so as to produce a superb driving control. We also will get the output and efficiency numbers are quite promising from every car that will be produced.

The power that can be generated from this supercar car 600 hp ranges where 2016 Ford GT specs described as a super car with very high performance with a lightweight carbon fiber construction and aerodynamic offered that will not make us disappointed. To note, the use of twin-turbocharged 3.5L engine used turned out to be based on the architecture of a racing machine that comes with a wide power-band and has an impressive characteristic for time-to-torque. In addition comes with an amazing machine and performance need not doubt its power, then we also need to know about the other of 2016 Ford GT specs include exterior and interior design are offered. For the exterior of the car, we will have an overall sleek design with impressive aerodynamics.

In addition, we will also find 2 door coupe body shells, a mid-mounted engine, rear wheel drive until that certainly adds to the overall look of the car cool. The material used in the 2016 Ford GT is a lightweight material, including the use of aluminum and carbon fiber, which in turn will give us a distinct advantage for the driver, especially in terms of handling and acceleration. Even the Ford promises that the 2016 Ford GT specs on offer will make us get one of the best cars ratios for the power-to-weight. The use of carbon fiber passenger cell, the use of aluminum in the front and rear are packed in a carbon fiber body panels are structured.


2016 Ford GT specs bring an interior that will not make us disappointed after seeing the outside of the offer. We will find the latest system connectivity from Ford namely SYNC 3. To enter the cabin of the car, we will access the upward swinging doors are cool. In the cabin, we will find bucket seats are attached directly to the carbon fiber passenger cell which is equipped with steering column and pedal box that can be adjusted to the height of each of the drivel that will surely provide convenience and comfort in driving.

This car seems designed to resemble cars Ferrari F1 especially where there is no absence stalk protruding from behind the wheel. This is because all the main controls are positioned on the wheel itself. With a series of 2016 Ford GT specs described, it can be said that the Ford continues to strive to improve the performance of each car produced in order to provide comfort, safety, and maximum performance for all customers. On the inside of the car cabin, we will find two mutually integrated cockpit seats directly on the carbon fiber passenger cell which is then combined with adjustable pedals and steering column capable of the foregoing. The steering wheel of a 2016 Ford GT look like F1 cars are integrated into all of the control required by the driver and makes the car look with a neat row of access that allows drivers to find comfort in driving. Inside the cabin, we will also get a digital instrument cluster that provides data that can be configured dedicated drivers for some of the driving environment and also different driving modes.

The other 2016 Ford GT specs we need to know is the price offered for this cool car and when we can get it. Both of the questions are kind of a general question which must be asked by anyone who reads this article and keen to get it. According to news circulating, the Ford GT will enter production in the next year – in 2016. As for the price offered, Ford itself does not give any clue that leads to the right par for the supercar. However, we can be guided by the previous GT series is offered at a price range of $ 140,000. Nevertheless, growing in the market price really awesome because many who get this car at a higher price. This certainly could make us get a shadow how much is the price for the 2016 Ford GT that of course will be offered at a much higher price.


Prepare everything including the financial condition when deciding to get this cool car in the next year after knows some information about 2016 Ford GT specs. If we look further for the 2016 Ford GT specs, we will find that a car with a blue oval design that comes with a super cool look that will make anyone who saw stunned made. With all the things that have been described above, it is not surprising that many people are curious and eager to try out this cool car on the track. 2016 Ford GT comes with a power and a fresh new look of the previous generation who would not be missed.

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