2016 Ford Mustang Review: Incredible Performance And Massive Design

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When we talk about the 2016 Ford Mustang, then we will talk about the new series issued from the Ford Shelby GT-350R is. This is a car that comes with a number of advantages that will bring us to the atmosphere of driving more comfortable and enjoyable.

Some interesting things that we can get out of this car is the fact that the car lost weight up to 130 pounds, so it will make the performance of the resulting increasing maximum. In addition, the car comes with optimized aerodynamics, equip each wheel with carbon fiber, bespoke performance tires, we will not have any air conditioning and rear seats, and allows for the driver to drive the car in accordance with its ability to control the streets. This is guaranteed to be very pleasant for us to get it.

Exterior Design
The exterior of the 2016 Ford Mustang – we will find there are some exterior that will definitely make us not stop amazed ranging from the use of carbon fiber on a 19-inch diameter wheels used on cars. These wheels are reportedly more rigid when compared with aluminum wheels contribute to reducing car weight up to 13 pounds each wheel. The wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires 2, which are designed with high performance specially used for 2016 Mustang. In addition to using a specially designed wheel, 2016 Ford Mustang also maximize aerodynamic design through a revised front splitter and rear wing was replaced with carbon fiber so that the center of pressure is behind the vehicle will also improve the balance of the lift at high speeds. There are some unique things of the Mustang from the brake calipers are painted red, the existence of a unique badge, up to their slightly different options for racing stripes all of which makes it look different from other cars.

Interior Design
The interior of the 2016 Ford Mustang – we will find that the Ford engineers exert all his ability in presenting a more WOW interior of the car by doing a number of deletions for items that are deemed no longer relevant and replace it with a variety of features that reinforce the character of the current Mustang. Given the latest Mustang comes with a lighter weight, it is not surprising that we would find that the car comes without the presence of a few items that we normally find on a car from no air conditioning, no rear seats, no stereo, no trunk floor, no reversing camera, no emergency tire sealer and no inflator kit. In addition, Ford also removes the resonator from the exhaust system because they affect the total weight of the car. Some features we will found in the interior 2016 Ford Mustang is unique red contrast stitching, GT-350R badges, and red line centering on the flat bottom steering wheel.

Optional features on the 2016 Ford Mustang – we will get optional electronic package where there is the addition of several items that have been removed to put back on the car from dual zone automatic climate control, SYNC-3 infotainment system with 8-inch touch screen, until the sound premium system. With the addition of several items in the car such as the display and the additional upgrades, then we will find that the 2016 Mustang will be turned into a car that can be used for everyday activities with the look, the feel, and the atmosphere is much more fun.

Engine and Performance
The machine of 2016 Ford Mustang – the machine used is 5.2L V8 capable of producing power of up to more than 500 hp and torque of 400 lb / ft. With the use of these machines in the latest Mustang, then we will get the most powerful engine for naturally aspirated cars ever. The engine will be paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox is equipped with cooling, air-to-oil cooler engine, limited slip rear differential (with 3.73 axle ratio and a differential cooler air-to-oil).

Advances Technology Applied inside Ford Mustang 2016
The technology of the 2016 Ford Mustang – the technology used is the latest generation of Ford’s infotainment system called SYNC-3 which will be offered as an option that we can get when we want it. The system will be paired with premium audio system in the car. To note, the SYNC-3 offers to drivers Smartphone connectivity and a variety of services, navigation, and other features that we can maximize through 8-inch touch screen. Many people who predicted that the 2016 Ford Mustang will be a rival that is difficult for some similar cars including the Chevrolet’s Camaro Z / 28. In addition to getting the GT-350R series, we also will find a series GT-350 which have similar specifications ranging from the use of the machine until the applied technology. The difference is we will have some features that do not exist on the GT-350R which is removed to produce a lighter weight. If we want to get the information for the 2016 Ford Mustang, then do a search through multiple sources such as the internet, automotive magazines, newspapers, to broadcast television is the best thing we can do.


If we want to make the process quick and easy search, then entrust these needs through the internet is the answer. Internet is one of the greatest resources that will bring us the information we want in a shorter time and we will find there are so many articles related to the 2016 Mustang. When we do a search through the internet, be sure to include the right keywords in the search engines so that we will not have to scan the article for a longer period of time. Then, when we could get a 2016 Ford Mustang that has a series of advantages and the cool look? Well, it seems we do not have to wait too long because at the end of this year, the Ford will soon be producing a limited basis to be used for exhibition purposes so that we can observe and study it more closely.

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