2016 Ford Raptor Specs And Review

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The Ford showroom will have the 2016 Ford Raptor F-150 SVT available to sell. Compared to previous models, this is plenty more highly effective brand-new truck from Ford Company. The release of Ford Tremor and rate is one of the important questions in the announcement of the brand-new F150. But, it seems that Ford will drop the Tremor in the meantime, and with Raptor minimal spec information, it is very likely the Raptor will still have similar trim level with the previous version. Here are the2016 Ford Raptor specs you should know as waiting its arrival to the dealership.

Powertrain and Performance
The new 2016 Ford Raptor specs include its 6.2-liter V-8 engine for the non-SVT F-150 in top of the line model. But, there is unsure if the 5.0-liter V-8 will come in the line of the next-generation F-150 Raptor. In order to keep performance fine and powerful and weight down, and it is certainly with an opportunity forced-induction, the aluminum body frame should be used by Ford in its lineup if the Raptor version is powered by 5.0-liter engine. However, this should be enough with Ford’s EcoBoost V-6, but a V-8 would be the answer to achieve this much impact with big tires and body frame.

Similar to the standard 2015 F-150, it will be very likely the 2016 Ford Raptor specs will use the same steel ladder-frame framework with better high-durable steel. This is different to the previous model that comes using lightweight aluminum physical body frame. Light weight aluminum structure is used in the 2015 F-150’s crew cab body style. The recent-generation Raptor will combine this material with steel pickup bed and front clip. If this is the case, Ford will fit the new truck with wider track and hefty tires.

Compared to a steel-structure rig, there will be no muscle or sturdiness insufficiencies with the using of an aluminum pickup bed. Long after the F-150 is on sale, Ford would maintain the initiative of the using an aluminum structure. This would be a brilliant opportunity for the 2016 Ford Raptor specs in a class filled with conservative customers to introduce the brand-new innovation.

The high-performance off-road truck will be likely to be released for 2016 market as there will surely be SVT Raptor cost-free in Ford’s presently confirmed 2015 F-150 listings. The price is expected to be not far with the current released model starting at $46,000. This could allow cutting down the 2016 Ford Raptor specs with regular-grade aluminum leading to reasonable profit.

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