2016 Mazda 2: Economically Practical

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2015 is the year of sport cars and SUVs, thus for those who are looking for more of a practicality in its life, it might be quite difficult. With a rather large downsize in Mazda Company, Mazda still manage to launch a variety of cars aimed for different kinds of customer. 2016 Mazda 2 is one of the cars that are focused on practicality and economic quality for those who want a luxurious car with a budget. If you are in a slightly lower end of a budget, 2016 Mazda 2 might be the right car for you especially if you expect for an excellent look with a cheap price.

Luxurious Interior with a stunning exterior
With a slightly lower budget required, you’re still going to get the best quality of car with 2016 Mazda 2. The interior itself is a mix between a sporty car and an upscale luxurious car. The dashboard was designed to be low so that you can have a large cabin. In doing so, you can always enjoy an air – conditioned drive with a lot of space that doesn’t make your driving experience exhausting. Additionally, you can be sure that there will be high technology infotainment within the central system. Through the central system of 2016 Mazda 2, you can access GPS as navigation tools while driving. Plus, you get to see a climate control system which can be set as automatic. Therefore, you can enjoy an inexpensive car with plenty to offer.

The exterior of 2016 Mazda 2 itself is stunning, with a compact design that still looks upscale and attractive. You can choose different variety of colours such as bright red or sparkly green. The small front bumper also makes the design unique and attractive to different level of generations.

Above standard engine
2016 Mazda 2 is equipped with a 1.5 litres turbine of four cylinder engine that makes it rather powerful for a sub – compact car. It will also be powered by 100 horse power in its engine. Even though it might not be that many of a horse power, the car is still comfortable and smooth for driving around the city. As a personal city car, the car is utilizing the new lightweight skyactiv technology for a better ride. Plus, you can choose two have automatic or manual six – speed transmission. You can purchase the car with an average price starting from $15.000 up to around $17.000.

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