2016 mx-5 Miata: Mazda Newest Sport car

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If you want to take a look at the newest sports car in 2015, 2016 mx – 5 miata is ready for you. Mazda has decided to renew its mx-5 by generating new Miata design in 2015. Despite being the fourth generation of its model, 2016 mx-5 Miata is still sporting some of the high quality that a Miata might have.

The only differences that you might spot when compared with the third generation is that the design seems to be a lot slimmer. But other than, you can rest assured that the car is a high quality Miata.

The specs of mx-5
2016 mx-5 Miata is equipped with 16 inches of tires, using Yokohama advan sport tires. In that case, you can always enjoy a smooth ride without forgetting precision and carefulness. Although, 16 inches tires is only applied in the European version. For the American version, the tires will be 17 inches big with the same brand of tires. That design probably was made to match the different turbine presented in both versions. The American version is slightly faster with 2.0 litres turbine, while the European version only possesses a 1.5 litres turbine machine.

Despite several differences in its machinery, there are also a lot of similarities. For example, both versions will have a 155 horse power in its machine. In other words, 2016 mx-5 Miata will be a very strong sport car. Additionally, you can also find a 148 lb-ft. torque in the car that weight around 2200 pounds.

Aesthetically pleasing
Other than its incredible engine quality, 2016 mx-5 Miata was also made with a really excellent interior design. With a compact yet playful design, this car is very suitable for the younger generation or the more mature generation who wants to feel young. The leather plush seating will maximize the comfort of its passenger. And the seating itself is retractable, allowing you to relax after a long hard day in the office. Don’t be fooled by the small exterior design, because 2016 mx-5 Miata has a rather wide inside space compared to other roofless sport car.

The roofless top is certainly a plus especially if you like to enjoy the sun and the wind hitting your face while driving. So if you want to drive around town stylishly in a roofless top car, you need to purchase immediately with just 22.000 dollars.

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