2017 Audi Q5 Specifications and Review

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Who does not know the manufacturer of luxury cars from German Hungarian called Audi? 2017 Audi Q5 is a kind of crossover sporty elegant car. News of the crossover Audi continues. This time it is the new Q5 looks. This is the first photo of the variant slated to be officially sold in 2017. Even in its promotional ads mentioned Q5 is a luxurious ride with a charming exterior and interior. To further determine the specifications and more details, let’s consider the following reviews.

Engine and performance

Audi Q5 is a luxurious car that counts in the world market. This car is sold only 20 units. Mounts designed using A4 engine 2016 with two variants choices of 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder petrol diesel. Nevertheless, this car has been nominated in the best luxurious midsize luxury car suv. Audi series is able to provide maximum power. Power generated is 155 KKW in every 4500-6250 rpm. For its own torque, this car has a maximum torque capability of 320 Nm at 1500-4500 rpm rotation. Specification of this car is not only there. This car has a kitchen runway in the form of common rail turbo diesel 2.0. The car is capable of providing power 130 kw and 4200 rpm rotation. Still in terms of the strength, 2017 Audi Q5 can even produce more power than the above specifications. The maximum torque produced Q5 series have reached up to 380 Nm and rotation from 1750 to 2500 rpm. For the diesel itself, it uses automated diesel and seven speeds energy.



Audi car variant has basically the same technology. One of the technologies that exist in all Audi cars is automatically start and stop technology. This technology is also available on the Audi Q5. For its suspension part, Audi pins multilink suspension at the front of the car to the rear suspension with own usage. Specifications such as it do not mean anything in comparison with other Audi luxurious car. Therefore the manufacturer itself still pins Audi drive select on this Q5 series. Drive select is a technology that allows users to use and choose the models they want.

Exterior and safety

Although using the camouflage ‘fashion’, this car looks sporty because it has a wide front grille typical of Audi flanked by rectangular headlights and already familiar air intakes. Through the picture, we can see that the rearview mirror right and left sides is sweet mounted on both front doors and roofs sloping impressed. From behind, the Q5 looks using a tailgate mounted spoiler and sweet with a dual exhaust system.

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