2017 Audi Q7 Price, Review and Photos

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Here is specification and review of 2017 Audi Q7. One of the luxurious car brands that are familiar in the world is the Audi. Now the latest Audi Q7 series is similar to the body impressed Honda car belonging to the Honda CRV. It distinguishes Audi with CRV seen in a more sporty and elegant. Besides, it turns out to be a more reliable machine that pinned the Audi in its class. Do you want to know how the full details of this audio series? Here we provide the review for you.

Engine and Performance

Audi Q7 includes luxurious cars that has recalcitrant engine in its class. This car uses 6 cylinder intercooled turbo petrol engine. Each cylinder has a content of 1995 to elevate the power of approximately 225 hp at 3,750 rpm engine. This luxurious car torque reaches 406 lb-ft to 1,750 rpm respectively. For the capacity of the tank, you do not need to worry. Manufacturing of Audi equips this car with a tank capacity that can hold 65 liters of gasoline.


For the interior, the design of Audi series itself uses AC dual auto climate control. There are auto wiper, rain sensor, sunroof, steering wheel adjustment and even automatically Audi Q7 has another feature that characterizes congenital Audi car. Luxurious class car certainly feels different from low or high price car. If you want to get a luxurious car, you have to spend deep as Rp 1.39 M.


Exterior and Safety

The exterior of Audi Q7 series has HID headlights and fog lights. Besides, there are rearview mirror turn signal and automatic folding rearview Audi Q7. It is a luxurious car that is enough in the account on the world market. Audi Q7 series is also equipped with a variety of technologies such as parking sensors, immobilizer, structural technology agency, air bags and others. The Audi Q7 car design sector has a design with a length of 5.088 mm, height 1,737 mm and width of 1,984 mm. Transmission speed Automatic 8 exists in this Audi car steering systems. Besides, it also uses wheel Quatro drive vehicle. Four-wheel suspension on any part of the independent front is also pinned on this vehicle. For the rear suspension, Audi is equipped with the same specifications as the front of the Audi Q7 is in a more sporty and elegant design. It is supported by the machine among competitors. Still on the body design of Audi Q7 series, it is using a wheel type 265 / 50hr19.0. This wheel is not only used on the front wheels, but also on the part of the rear wheels.

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