2017 Chevy Silverado Review and Specs

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Although in the category of multifunctional car, the specification of 2017 Chevy Silverado has several advantages that is in the complete supporting feature.

Engine and Performance

According to the information I got from the official website of Chevy Silverado, the highest price of 2017 Chevy Silverado fell on a car priced at around Rp 488 million. Meanwhile one of the variants with the highest capacity engine is priced at approximately 444 million. For the least expensive type, the price of the Chevy Silverado has a selling price of approximately USD 314.8 million. Many types Chevy Silverado options are also certainly easier for you as a consumer to determine which vehicles are suitable. If you want the engine performance of the ‘savage’, you can choose the type which is priced at around 315 million earlier. Besides, you can choose the price of Chevy Silverado that is able to carry more goods for greater cargo capacity.


Well this time I will invite you to see what features offered by 2017 Chevy Silverado for the rider. In the New Chevy Silverado, this time there is a feature that allows the rider to perform multitasking activities especially for telephone and music. Other then that, Chevy Silverado has a security feature in the form of which is the control system to automatically slow the vehicle when it is in very close proximity to the object in front of him. Then, if there is the potential for an accident in front of the car, the system will give a signal to the lights flicker and will adjust the brakes for immediate braking faster. In addition, the New Chevy Silverado also features parking and a sensor connected to an LCD screen making it easier for motorists to park. It also features ABS braking. To support other security features, Chevy Silverado is also equipped with airbags, but only at the helm except for the type that is the highest variance. Extra from me, for additional features or accessories from specification Chevy Silverado, there are some accessories that are sold separately.



After my detailed review for you on the specifications of the new generation of 2017 Chevy Silverado now we will invite you to peek at the price of this Chevy Silverado. But before, are you quite satisfied with the specifications offered by the New Chevy Silverado this? As we know, the Chevy Silverado is one variant of the truck cabin that is very popular in the world. Armed with a new face look more manly, then I predict that the new generation of the family’s Chevy Silverado will repeat the success of its predecessor. Price of Chevy Silverado was influenced by several things, one of which is the increased interior concept that is now more luxurious. In addition, with this proven resilient machine, it will also affect the price range in the market of Chevy Silverado.

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