2017 Corvette
2017 Corvette

2017 Corvette Price And Release Date

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Finally, the 2017 Corvette we’ve waited so long is finally here. It’s about time, after all, for an update. Changes are very important – you can’t have the exact same product without changing because time passes and so, people’s taste will differ as well. Which is why the upcoming corvette will have a new much awaited improvement here and there. Excited?

2017 Corvette Exterior

2017 Corvette price
2017 Corvette price

The exterior of this 2017 Corvette is well proportioned which makes it better and it’s able to attract more customers. Though, some old touches are kept the same so, for those who also likes the previous version, this newest corvette will suit you.

Most of the materials will continue such as aluminum space frame and composite coachwork matrix but several structural and chassis parts won’t be available anymore. Since the production of this brand new Corvette won’t be produced much, it gives the manufacturers of this car more chances to use more advanced technology. For instance, using sheets of magnesium for the door structures are one of the examples of advanced technology they applied.

2017 Corvette Powertrain

The best Zora ZR1 with the version of the C8 perhaps, is going to use a supercharged small-block V-8 paired with the fortitude and will be combined with a dual-clutch automatic transaxle. It makes the engine bay able to hold the aspirated a twin-turbo or V-6DOHC V-8. This newest 2017 Corvette also decides to participate in the i8/NSX game and so, that makes the front-end area a package-protected, and that’s for electric motors only.

2017 Corvette Downsides

As we all know, everything, including cars, has its own downsides or what we might call cons these days. Well, that’s definitely normal but we wouldn’t want a product that has so many downsides, right? It won’t benefit us that way. Fortunately, this forthcoming, new Chevy Corvette doesn’t have many downsides but yep, this can make you wait. Much to our dismay, the development of this Corvette is delayed and perhaps, the GM management is working towards the better but, well, we don’t know for sure.

2017 Corvette Price and Release Date

As we said, the development of this Corvette is kind of delayed and will perhaps be available in the end of 2016 so, since it is 2016 already, it should release soon. The estimated price of this 2017 Corvette is to be expected around $150,000 or so.


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