2017 Dodge Ram Specs, Review and Photos

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If you’re looking for car with a pickup that can be used to transport goods and travel, you can pay attention to this writing. Here I will present my experience with the cool car. Our initial meeting with 2017 Dodge Ram car is arguably so short. However, we can give a little information on the specifications of this car because it has been tried. Read more below.

Engine and performance

2017 Dodge Ram is armed with good and durable petrol engines. Combined with high-speed automatic transmission, power is claimed to reach 410 hp with enormous torque. A short drive away with this car even with drive 2WD, we still get the waves energy. Though the weight of cars reaches 2,616 kg, maneuver drive is also quite easy and fun. With the car reaches 1,981 mm high, while driving, we could even see the roof of a Jeep Wrangler or even a Mitsubishi Pajero.


It took a little effort to get into the cabin in 2017 Dodge Ram. Because the combination of these cars is fueled high suspension, the car is not equipped with footrests. The wheel is also quite large with details of the front and rear is greater. The above problem immediately is paid fully when sitting in the driver’s seat. Maximizing setting electric seats in the highest position, we get the sensation of view that is so roomy. Likewise with the multifunction steering wheel is comfortable in the hand. While the touchscreen information system is being able to control the radio, and other features and applications that can help you drive. What is unique is the gear lever on the dashboard on the right side of the steering wheel like a truck. Although initially stiff, the lever is quite simple and gives the macho impression. Similarly in the dashboard, the driver can adjust the position of the driving wheel. Prima comfort can also be felt when sitting in the back seat. Leg and head room are presented fairly roomy. Do not miss the presence of a panoramic sunroof that can open fully when sitting in the cabin.


Exterior and Safety

2017 Dodge Ram looks so dark. No one did, because the car we tried is a special edition. As the name implies, this car smock draped metallic black dominant color. In addition to paint, black accents also cover the entire logo, bumper, grille, fog lamps and main lamp house. The rear lights also come with a red tone darkened. And despite the car’s tail is quite long, we had no trouble to park. Because in the special edition, it is equipped with park view and park sense.

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