2017 Ford Bronco Price, Specs and Photos

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With price below 300 million rupiah, 2017 Ford bronco is sold too cheap if we see a myriad of embedded technology in this car than the other cars in its class. Arguably with features and technology owned by Ford bronco, Ford has proven that a car that is rich in technology does not have to be priced at an expensive price. Well here it is Ford’s Advanced Technology and not owned by its rivals in its class.


Tactical vehicles from renowned manufacturers Ford slid this year by a car genre is called Ford bronco. Not without reason it is named the car, because the car is dedicated to the urban community who like to explore and this car has a stylish sporty design. The new car is designed specifically by 16 automotive experts to create a car according to modern and sporty market demand. Ford is sold globally which is one of the biggest targets of sales of Ford, since manufacturers from the United States knows so many consumers in the world are very fond of this stylish car. Ever experienced one tire slippage when driving? Well, traction control function prevents one tire slippage due to slippery road or one of the tires to lose traction because it does not touch the ground. Generally, if it occurs in the tires, tire traction of the door does not have a differential all power to the wheels that slip. With traction control, wheel spins more organized and very safe at high speeds.


2017 Ford Bronco comes with a very sporty design and several advanced features embedded in it. Cars are able to carry 5 passengers adopts the shape design of the previous car. Some parts have a shape similar to the previous one, but of course this Ford makes car appearing more vicious, masculine, and frightening than the previous variants. Therefore, what are the features existing in the modern Ford car? And what are the advantages of this car? Of course there are many advantages. Engine and Performance This car is a compact car that is ready to hit a variety of terrain delicately. If the car is driven in urban areas, it will be looked dashing and attractive because the Ford specifications are very attached with aerodynamic elements with their sloping windshield. Shape of front bumper seems daring and exclusive with headlamp design narrowed. Tire size is big enough and this car will also make to go easily along a steep road. Source : http://equios.info

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