2017 Ford Explorer Review, Price and Specs

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2017 Ford Explorer is very important to be known by masculine car lovers. Ford explorer car is perfect for those of you who like adventure because this car has a trunk open at the rear. Besides having an elegant design as a luxurious car, this ford can also be used as a vehicle for transporting lots of goods. Open rear can be made as a place to put any item because it has a large enough capacity. This car can also be used as a companion to travel or to adventure into the mountains to bring items for the tent or other items needed during the holidays.

Engine and Performance

Who does not know the type of this 2017 ford explorer? Everyone would be out when I heard the car ranger. The type of car is very masculine and sought after by the people who love to travel with family or with friends. Besides the adventure, the car is also suitable for use alone because they look elegant even without the goods. Ford car price is also quite expensive according to the type of car. Some of the advantages such as highly skilled in dealing with all types of terrain are the main attraction for lovers of cars ford explorer. Besides, its machine is very tough and classy and provides comfort for the driver or the items that you will take it.


Besides the performance above, 2017 Ford Explorer will become a new trend in its class with the comforts that are located on the interior of car to be more innovative and very classy. On the back, the cabin has a larger capacity than the previous type with superior legroom and is the best in its class. All these things can make this car will feel comfortable when driving. Besides, if you are driving a vehicle, you will be driving a tasteless modern hi-tech adventure car. Similarly, on some specifications as well as the advantages of this type of car there are also the ford car prices. The advantages of this car certainly is maintained equality as the cars made by American countries that meet various standards of American and European ranging from pollution, fuel economy, durability of the engine, the various systems that apply to cars, material used, the engine power, the standard safety and others. The weakness of this car is still on the network and after-sales service. Car sale is also still not stable, a little bit difficult to sell.

Exterior and Safety

From the traditional aspects of the car itself, 2017 ford explorer has gained a number of new touches on the exterior. You can see from some of the pictures that you can see on internet or magazines.

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