2017 Ford F150 Features & Release Date

2017 Ford F150 has the possibility to sell well – since Ford F150 has been the selling well in America, even you can say it’s a best-seller. It’s been the most best-selling pickup car in America however, 2017 Ford F150 Raptor will suit more with truck users. The brand new Ford F150 will help you carry lots of loads crush cacti at 80 mph, also the raptor is featured with an all-new frame, aluminum body panels and a twin-turbocharged V6 engine which makes it better than the current Raptor. The good news is the upcoming Ford F150 raptor’s frame will be stronger than the other released versions of Ford F150. It sure comes in handy, especially if your purpose is to carry a lot of things. Some of the unique features 2017 Ford F150 raptor varies – which is what we are about to tell in the text below.

2017 Ford F150 Exceptional Features

2017 Ford F150 image
2017 Ford F150 image

The brand new 2017 Ford F150’s new driver-adjustable terrain management system offers various modes : normal, street, weather, mud and sand, Baja and rock crawling which functions to change the truck’s transmission, engine, brake systems and traction control according to the terrain so, you can drive in a more comfortable way. For instance, if it’s snowing or raining or perhaps, raining chunks of ice, you can go into Weather mode because it helps you adjust to the current weather condition. There are a lot of other modes too, street mode is for driving on the street, and if it’s a normal situation, you can keep it into a normal mode. Baja is for high-speed desert running, and the Mud Mode, you can use it when you are in a sticky situation such as driving in the mud area. In short, it adjusts well to the situation.

Also, there’s a revised transfer case that adjusts the traction to the different kinds of surfaces at either high and low speeds – from smooth to harsh surfaces. The Fox shocks also use have increased suspension travel because of the larger remote reservoirs. In addition to that, the new dual exhaust, 17-inch wheels and upgraded off-road tires make the Raptor even better – both in the performance part and the style.

2017 Ford F150 Release Date

2017 Ford F150
2017 Ford F150

Can’t wait for the 2017 Ford F150 upon knowing the exceptional features? Well, it’s going to be released in the fall, 2016. Also, this brand new raptor haven’t said anything about the price so, we can’t be really sure but expect around $46,000 or so. That’s all, 2017 Ford F150 will definitely makes it a lot easier!


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