2017 Ford Super Duty for Your Adventure

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Are you an adventurous? Do you go through the wilderness and discover new things? Do you walk on the thick mud and dare to survive? 2017 ford super duty is a car that is perfect for you. Car with this truck model comes with the latest design which will appear in late 2017 as 2017 models.

Engine and Performance

2017 ford super duty is stump, of course, powerful thanks to a capacity of 6.7 liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel or the choice of 6.2-liter V8 engine that uses gasoline as fuel. Its light weight makes it powerful. Therefore, make sure this car is the most efficient car in its class. The price for a tough car is in the range of $ USD 70,000.


Frightening outside display of 2017 Ford super duty, it is luxurious in the interior. It is coated leather upholstery with premium embossed with Platinum writing on the front and back. It is also combined with walnut wood. It adorns the central panel as the main control called My Ford Touch. There are unique passenger seat. It can be matched up to 10 different positions. For interior, this super duty has a modern interior design. Ford also embeds a variety of advanced features in this car. In fact, you can forget that being inside a large-sized car. Various panels and steering wheel design are very modern like other new Ford car. They are adaptive cruise control, comprehensive LED light, tire pressure sensors, 7-cameras to facilitate the driver when driving this car, adaptive steering wheel, blind spot information, 3-SYNC entertainment technology, and others. Wow it is an advanced car for a pick up.


Some changes in 2017 ford super duty still gives the impression of a typical car rough terrain, and of course very suitable for worldwide usage. The exterior of the car is quite frightening. Design of daytime running light (DRL) is messing quite well to collaborate with the grille magnitude. It is emphasized that this car is a true dashing carrier. The rear light design is placed on either side of a more modern appearance with the presence of LED with attractive design. Frightening display and full of energy have been drawn from the sturdy design of this car that uses steel in some parts. A large front grille as front and rear bumpers are inserted to make it equal to the car body, confirmed that the wild terrain is native habitat car that was first introduced in 1999.

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