2017 Honda Civic SI Turbo Review – Release Date & Price


2017 Honda Civic Si is launching soon. The first Honda Civic started back in the year 2011 and the style has been quite the same but, the brand new one is going to be different in style with a newer and improved version. Not only a good style but, it’s combined with powerful engine as well. Shall we take a look at the features 2017 Honda Civic SI has? When one speaks of 2017 Honda Civic SI, we can’t speak about it without mentioning the interior & exterior so, let’s begin with that.

2017 Honda Civic SI Turbo Exterior & Interior

2016 Honda Civic Coupe
2016 Honda Civic Coupe

First, let’s begin with the exterior. First impression is very important, after all. Well, the thing that differ the 2017 Honda Civic SI from the rest of the cars is the wraparound taillight. We can see the changes Honda has made on the 2017 Honda Civic SI when you see the five door hatchback. Also, the bonnet and headlights, as well as the wheels are probably the best containing. The builder from USA has designed the body and style combined with luster to make a very good looking car. The trunk is pretty wide with the volume of 11.7 – in short, you can use it for long vacations. The platform uses a high strength steel and aluminum, though it’s only in some areas, and thanks to that, it will be 10% lighter.

We can all agree that this upcoming, brand new Honda Civic SI is very elegant looking and the great interior plays a big part in it. Not only good looking, Honda excels at performance area as well. Well, for instance, let’s take a look at the seat protects, one of the best seat protects Honda has ever produced, that lets the passengers at a very comfortable distance. To boost the performance of the engine, Honda used sturdy tires. Furthermore, the other facilities make the car even more sophisticated, both in performance and design.

2017 Honda Civic SI Turbo images
2017 Honda Civic SI Turbo images

The design also borrows the ones from Civic – and that’s actually good news. The brand new Civic SI is making a few improvements with better qualities. That’s right, we must move forward to the better, right?

2017 Honda Civic SI Turbo Release Date & Price

2017 Honda Civic SI is going on sale in the fall of 2016 or early 2017 and the price ranges from $23, 710 to $25, 410.