2017 Mercedes E Class
2017 Mercedes E Class

2017 Mercedes E Class Design And Safety Review

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2017 Mercedes E Class is going to make its way into the market in the late summer of 2016, though we aren’t quite sure regarding the information. Though, what do you know about the upcoming 2017 Mercedes E Class? Well, that’s what we’re about to find out. The new Mercedes E Class represents every luxurious Mercedes sedan that costs about 60 Grand, so this forthcoming Mercedes E Class is definitely worth trying out. Who knows, you might like this elegant looking sedan Car.

2017 Mercedes E Class Design

Like I said before, this Sedan Car is elegant with classic beauty characterizations. There are two styling variations. One of the styles includes a classic chrome grille along with the iconic upright star ornament on the hood. On the other hand, the other style includes a sporty “SL-style” grille and a big, oversized version of Mercedes logo in the center. The logo makes the car looks more classic and elegant, also this reflects confidence – and plus, who wouldn’t want it?

Though, when you look inside the car, you definitely won’t say it’s a traditional car. On the inside, it looks very much modern just as any other cars. The interior features a big central infotainment display which helps you get rid of boredom. Also, you can arrange the system so, that you can choose a wide variation of display modes. For instance, you get to change it to an ultra-futuristic progressive setting. Along with touch sensitive switches on the steering wheel, Mercedes E-Class will make you more up-to-date with the current technology.

2017 Mercedes E Class Safety

2017 Mercedes E Class
2017 Mercedes E Class

One of thing you need to consider before buying a car is safety. There won’t be any meaning if you reach your destination but you’re terribly wounded, right? Well, safety is a priority to Mercedes, and you will know if you know about the new E-class. For instance, this elegant looking car features a car’s crash avoidance system. Although this is a standard system, it works very well on the 2017 Mercedes E Class. One of which is the automatic emergency braking system that can stop the car with enough force and certainly, helps you avoid number of accidents. There are several downsides to the system however such as the assistance systems that keep the car in its lane and the safe distance system. Even with these imperfections, E Class is one of the most advanced car’s crash avoidance systems. Unfortunately, the full package is quite costly. That’s about the 2017 Mercedes E Class Safety.

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