2018 Audi A8: The Updated Form and Changes

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So, what can you expect from 2018 Audi A8? Well, for a starter, since the vehicle has always been known as the flagship ride, you can be sure about the quality of luxury and advanced system. But with the latest update, you can be sure that the new 2018 will be coming bigger and bolder – more luxurious and premium than ever. What can you expect from the update, anyway?

The Newest Update and Improvement

It is quite an achievement that Audi has managed to keep their A8 as the flagship luxurious brands in the industry for 23 years. When the company has made an official release about the new 2018 model, it is a definite thing that they are going to do something extravagant but in a subtle way. After all, it is their 23 years of achievement and improving their standard is a petty logical thing to do.

The new 2018 Audi A8 is coming with an improved styling and design. Most importantly, it will be made from aluminum structure to enhance the rigidity. Because of the structure, this platform allows improved engine arrangement and also additional technologies and features. If the spy shot is any of the indication, the new style won’t be much different from the current. However, the change would be obvious to create a different look and appearance. For this new 2018 model, the A8 will remain good looking but it will be a significant change on the overall end. After all, the A8 change is based on the Prologue idea. If the Prologue has gained positive appraise, why not the A8?


Rumor has it that the new 2018 Audi A8 will be likely coming with the mild 48V hybrid system. This is a first for such a big sedan arrangement. However, this is still a rumor and there hasn’t been any exact information on which engine will be paired with this electric unit. Another rumor claims that the battery engine will have a powerful outcome that the sedan should be able to reach 100 mph with the battery unit only. If it is true, of course, it will be great if Audi can make it come true. But then again, we still need to wait from Audi to confirm it.

Besides the promising features, there are also new technologies included within the new ride, including improved safety features and other technologies. Of course, it would be better if we can wait for the official release of 2018 Audi A8.

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