2019 RDX Release Date: What to Expect from the Ride?

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A lot of people are curious about 2019 RDX release date although there hasn’t been any official confirmation and announcement about the availability. Aside from the news about the upcoming release, a lot of people are wondering about the updates and changes claimed to come with the new launch. Predictions state that it is highly likely that the ride will be available starting from 2018, likely around the middle of the year. However, there haven’t been any updates from Acura so we are still left hanging.

The Updated Version

If everything goes as planned, the new 2019 model won’t get any significant or drastic updates. Acura has done such a great job with their 2018 variant, making it popular and likable. It is highly likely that they will continue the same greatness features for the 2019 model. What about the engine? Same thing. It is highly likely that the ride will still be using the V6 engine with 270 hp of power. Of course, it still packs the Technology Package and some improved technologies. Only a slight change to expect.

Expect some improvements with keyless entry, dual zone system for the environment control, ambient lighting, improved sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, parking assistance, and much more. No wonder if people are wondering about the 2019 RDX release date because they want to know more about the perks they can get from the ride. The testing ride has been spied several times within the testing stage, and from some images available through the net, it is highly likely that the new ride will have the same dimension and also wheelbase.

Design in All

It is likely that the new grille will change the overall look of the ride, but expect the same improvement within the cabin too. Considering that they have to compete against Evoque from Land Rover, X3 from Beemer, Q5 from Audi, or GLC from Mercy, it is big chance that Acura has to come prepared.

Engine and Power

Aside from the not precise information about 2019 RDX release date, there hasn’t been any confirmation about the type of engine used. The current RDX is coming with V6 but rumor has it that the third gen of this RDX will be back to the inline four turbocharged unit with 2.0 liter capacity. This is quite a strange move, to say, but again, there hasn’t been any confirmation about anything.

The price is expected to range in between $38,000 and $41,000 with possibility of 2019 RDX release date happening around 2018, probably in the middle of the year.

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