2020 Corvette Specification Rumour

GM itself has confirmed that currently, they are working on the 2020 Corvette.  Even the head of global product development – Mark Reuss, has confirmed it himself. This forthcoming Corvette is leaning more toward a revolution, instead of an evolution. But that’s a right move to do, since it’s been 61 years and all of the previous products are more of an evolution. And guess what? Finally they decided to build the mid-engined American Dream Machine on the newest, soon-to-be released Corvette – well, they’ve been thinking of that for a while and it took quite a while for them.

Well, ever wonder why they decided to use mid-engine? Here’s why – the C7 Corvette is spent. More power doesn’t mean it’s faster or better – sometimes, it can give a bad result. The more power we add to a front-engine, it only hasten the conversion of rubber and instead, cause a smoke into the rear. Well, the solution GM production has is to move the engine’s mass much closer to the drive tires and besides, it improves the brake and acceleration system.

2020 Corvette Plans

2020 Corvette
2020 Corvette

2020 Corvette is planning to make a debut with the new mid-engine. This sport car is also planning to launch as a 2017 model and perhaps, it’s going to take over the Corvette hierarchy – and that’s exactly similar to the previous models from the year 1990-1995 C4 and 2009-2013 C6. It will be a low volume production – around 1500 units per year and it’s highly priced at that – which is around $150,000 but, that’s to be expected since low production means not everyone will have the car you have.

It’ll be placed in a special spot in the Chevy Showrooms along with the other C7 cars. Another plan they have on mind is the platform with great bodywork and also, improvement on the cockpit area. Aside from that, it’s able to support the Cadillac XLR as well. Perhaps, 2020 Corvette is going to have its own place in the Sinkhole Museum as well, who knows? As for the future models, they will also change to the mid-engine as well – that is perhaps because of the same reason I have told you in the text above.

2020 Corvette Styling

2020 Corvette image
2020 Corvette image

What outside, the looks, are important – and cars are no different. One of the examples we’ve got the forthcoming Corvette with its automotive candy bar and its V-8-powered prom queen. For a sport car, the 2020 Corvette definitely has a nice style!

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