25th Anniversary Edition 2015 Miata Specs

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Miata has come since 25 years ago until now and this car is one of the most iconic cars of Mazda lineup. It has many records from Guinness Book of World Records started from the best-selling, open-top sports car and two-seat. This year Mazda gives their faithful fans the Miata’s 25th anniversary for its existence. The celebration is not only a birthday event but also the launching of 2015 MX-5 Miata Anniversary Edition at the New York Auto Show. Mazda had shown how important this roadster for them to their customers. How boastful and beautiful this MX-5? Let us see the 2015 Miata specs below.

The main feature that you will see in this 2015 Miata specs that the 25th Anniversary badges with particular serial number mounted on the front fenders of this sports car. Actually, these badges are reserved for the cabin, but for some reasons Mazda gives you proud able of special edition car outside its body. The color is one and only Soul Metallic Red body. They also offer Brilliant Black A-Pillars, mirrors, windshield and hardtop. You can see 17 inches of aluminum-alloy wheels on the corners which covered by Dark Gunmetal. Overall, this car has precious design for a sports car.

Inside the 2015 Miata specs, the seats covered with Almond leather and door trim panels lay down comfortably. In addition, there is a hand-finished decorative panel and satin chrome louver rings which make our eyes wants to see them deeply. The cabin colored by the Brilliant Black accents that fused the exterior and interior tightly including the handbrake, armrest, steering wheel and shifter boot. They are fully covered by leather-wrapped.

Under the Hood
The engine is same with other 2015 Miata specs. There is a 2.0 liter engine which added with special feature such as hand-selected pistons, connecting rods and flywheel. Mazda claimed this car has more aggressive acceleration and response. It reached 0-60 mph just in 7.5 seconds with 125 mph of top speed. The inline-4 engine also featured inside the hood of this MX-5 Special Edition.

Mazda only produced 100 models for this 25th Anniversary model of MX-5 Miata 2015. They priced this car at $32,205 for manual transmission and $32,655 for automatic transmission. Mazda also choose the pre-ordering system which opened at 20th May 2014 and closed at 31th May 2014 or when 250-pre order registration had made.

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