God bless human with the ability to think and to make a creation to make human’s life easier. One of the incredible creations from human is the birth of motorcycle.

With the stacked iron which is specially composed and filled with fuel, the motorcycle is able to bring human to go anywhere they want to go.

Riding the motorcycle will give us the special and exiting feeling you won’t get when you are riding the other vehicle. The human’s creativity has created many unique and perfect motor design and we can use it for many purposes.

Today, the motorcycle industry has become the giant industry which is involving many kinds of people’s desire. Then there are many symbol appeared as the representation of special value that is professed by the worshiper.

In the race arena, as representation from industrial importance and sport, motorcycle has turned into science and art, with the development of engine that attributed to achieve the maximum speed.

In order to put various motorcycle histories and the motorcycle’s development today and the next rumors, the motor ride dot net is trying to inscribe in some articles series. We hope that our articles are helping our visitors.

Of course with various cultures and point of views, these articles could be very varieties. But it is not a big deal for us as a motorcycle lover to share information.

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