Speaking about the ultimate sportbike, you probably think about Honda CBR1000RR or even the Kawasaki Ninja which means that you forget one more contender, folks. It is the 2012 BMW HP2 Sport which is no doubt has the right to be crowned as the ultimate sportbike. So, what makes...Read More
Do you notice that the 2012 BMW G650S and the 2012 G650S Sertao has similarities? Well, both have similarities because the Sertao model is the extended version of the G650S although both offer the same dual-purpose bike functionality. What BMW wants as you ride on the 2012 G650S is...Read More
The design and styling on the 2012 BMW R1200RT is the combination of the sportbike with touring as well as the performance. What Bavarian carmaker wants when they created this sportbike touring is not only giving comfort and practicality, but also speed and outstanding performance to tackle the obstacles...Read More
It’s sleek and undeniably sporty. The 2012 BMW R1200R is ready to give its best when it comes to street bike with the pure heritage of sportbike which offers true cornering fiend in one hand and also unquestionable comfortable as travel companion. Don’t like the original look on the...Read More
Sportbike Profile Series: 2012 BMW K1300 Carbon

Sportbike Profile Series: 2012 BMW K1300 Carbon

Can sportbike be more menacing than this? The 2012 BMW K1300 Carbon is obviously the brother of the famous and popular K1300R and K1300GT it is not that difficult to distinguish the three models because the 2012 K1300 Carbon stands out from the rest of the sportbike models on the Bavarian motorcycle line-up because the parts made from carbon fiber. This German sportbike is granted with brand new color and Carbon engine spoiler as standard feature with others which definitely will make you drool want to have it. Are you ready to check out this awesome bike? Design, Chassis, and Platform on 2012 BMW K1300 Carbon The 2012 BMW K1300 Carbon is good for everyday use, but seriously, with this…

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When BMW introduced the K1300R, there are some fans which suggest that the Bavarian carmaker create another model that has smaller displacement but the same design. So, the engineers are developing and finally revealed the 2012 BMW F800R. The main purpose of this bike is clear and simple: to...Read More
Conquering the roads and streets are easy if you have the right bike, right? And finding the right street bike can be a bit of problem because there are so many choices on the market. One of the choices of street bike you can rely on is the 2012...Read More
The 2012 BMW K1300R is actually slotted under the “Roadster” model by the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer. But, judging by the overall look, design, and performance, we decided to categorize it as sportbike. BMW refers that the 2012 K1300R carries pure aggressiveness for pure adrenaline rush. This German sportbike is...Read More
Have you ever thought that it would be very practical to just have one bike that caters all your need? If that is what you are wished for, then you need dual-purpose bike and the 2012 BMW G650GS Sertao is the one that matches the criteria. The Bavaria motorcycle...Read More
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