This particular car is a 2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS capable of displaying sporty impression. Shape is sleek and aero dynamically assigns an appearance elegant. Motorists and automotive enthusiasts do not want to miss this new car output. With the theme of sports cars, dodge wants to compete in...Read More
This weekend, the Dodge takes the opportunity of Spring Festival of the LXs which helds in Irvine, California to introduce the 2012 Challenger Rally Redline Edition. The vehicle uses the 2012 Challenger SXT Plus with the addition of highest level of equipment such as the 3.6-literPentastar V6, but is...Read More
Yup… you read it right, folks. What we think the one of the coolest police cars in the world has been listed on the recalling notice. We are talking about the Dodge Charger Pursuit which also known as the Charger Police Car Unit. A bit of history lesson, Dodge...Read More
No need to curious because the 2013 Dodge Dart already got its photos revealed and the pricing announced. The official introductory took place at the already over 2012 Detroit Motor Show. Is it just us or the overall design is somehow familiar? It is very understandable if the 2013...Read More
Chrysler: The Production of Dodge Caliber and Nitro is Terminated

Chrysler: The Production of Dodge Caliber and Nitro is Terminated

What is the deal with terminating the Dodge Caliber and Nitro SUV? Obviously, the rumor which has been buzzing for some times on the internet finally reaches the end and it’s not happy ending end. Chrysler is going to produce the more efficient Dodge Dart as the vehicle offers 40 mpg and the agreement with Fiat means the American carmaker shared around 5% of its profit from selling the Dart. At this point is very clear: why keeping the inefficient models such as Caliber and Nitro if they can produce the more efficient vehicle and gain more profit from it? The idea for Chrysler proposing the Dodge Caliber and Nitro is to offer attractive compact SUV for the US market….

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The cooperation between Dodge and Fiat Group has showed good sign as the American carmaker dropped couple of teaser photos for the 2013 Dodge Dart. The idea of creating this vehicle is because Dodge would like to enter the compact sedan market segment and they won’t be able to...Read More
What do you expect from the next-generation of Dodge Viper? Just two words which represent all: more power. Rumor has it that the upgraded version of the Dodge Viper sportscar will be arrived at the end of 2012 and might be sold as 2013 model year. The power will...Read More
We previously reported that the Lexus LFA is the new “king” of Nurburgring circuit as the sportscar was set 7:14 lap time record. But that was last week as we got the new king the ‘Ring, and who dares to steal the crown from Lexus LFA? Blame it on...Read More
Here is proof of guilt: American car maker – Chrysler was asked to replace a Dodge Charger Pursuit police vehicle after the car owned by the Curry County Sheriff’s department in Oregon caught fire and burned to the ground.  Chrysler has no second thought of saying yes to replace...Read More
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