Ferrari has a new partnership with watch industry where the Italian Prancing Horse supercar maker is signing the deal with the Swiss-based watch company Movado. This company has releases watch accessories for Ebel, Concord, ESQ, Coach,Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Juicy Couture. With new cooperation, both are offering the Ferrari Watch Collection for those who are referring themselves as the true fans...Read More
We hate to say this and very reluctant to admit that the 2013 F12berlinetta is taking all the spotlights from the 2013 Ferrari California. Yes… that particular super that rumored to get facelift and get “free” publicity from Paris Hilton. But, despite the spotlights go all over the F12berlinetta...Read More
We have brought you the first look on the 2013 Ferrari F12berlinetta and this supercar which supposed to be named 620 GT is showing how the Italian engineering and designation is should be at the floor of 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Ferrari is more than proud on their latest...Read More
Okay, the surprising unveiling for the 2013 Ferrari F12berlinetta really makes us questioning the motive behind the Italian prancing horse’s intention as we kind of wishing for the new 620 GT. But then again, after we watch the video profile here, this thing of beauty is actually the used...Read More
Leaked Photo of 2013 Ferrari 620 GT

Leaked Photo of 2013 Ferrari 620 GT

Does this photo look familiar? Well, see the prancing horse logo and you know what car it is, right? Yup… we got the leaked image of the 2013 Ferrari 620 GT via with the original posting from where we still speechless on the long front section of this sportscar. Wait, is this a sportscar or wagon sportscar? The reason we doubt our assessment is because the only supercar that has long front section is the Mercedes-Benz SLK. it’s definitely a sportscar as Ferrari brags that the 2013 620 GT will be the most powerful sportscar on the Italian prancing horse lineups. We have been waiting for the new sportscar models from Ferrari and this is surprising because we…

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You see, having a tag as “superstar” or “famous soccer player” doesn’t make you immune to the law system or anything. Take the example from Mesut Ozil which currently serves as one of the high-class soccer players on the Real Madrid soccer club. Well, with the amount of paycheck...Read More
We know how to spot or recognize a Ferrari other from the red, yellow, or black color. For years, the Italian stallion supercar has been known for its sophisticated technology and carries one of the most complicated aerodynamic system. Now, the new trending thing in automotive world right now...Read More
The Italian stallion supercar is hopping off from Italy and all the way to the Land Down Under, mate. Yup… the Ferrari FF has been official launched to the Australian market. But, the FF is not a supercar actually, but more like super station wagon or estate. Just take...Read More
Okay…Okay… We know that Ferrari 458 Italia supercar just rolls out from the production division, but British aftermarket specialist – Project Kahn – seems can’t hold themselves not to custom the Italian stallion vehicle. For starters, Project Kahn granted the 458 Italia supercar with breath-taking exterior tuning kit which...Read More
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