Ford is the latest car is a 2013 Ford Mandeo the theme of family car. This car has the type of sedan. Ford has made various changes in form and spec car. The development of the previous cars making cars company provides a new breakthrough in the automotive...Read More
Tell us what you think if we mention about official pricing for certain vehicles; is it too expensive, average, or perhaps cheaper? We know that you always getting these questions inside your head every time you hear or read about the pricing of a vehicle. Now, are you ready...Read More
When we found out that Ford is arriving at the floor of 2012 Geneva with full forces, we knew that the Blue Oval American automaker is offensively invades the European market with the focus on the hatchback segment. We have met the 2013 Fiesta ST, and now, time to...Read More
Ford is arriving at the floor of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show by bringing their not-so-bored hatchback. The 2013 Ford Fiesta ST which presented in red is trying to be as low profile as possible although you can’t deny the sporty aura of this American-made hatchback. Just so you...Read More
Teaser Photo of 2013 Ford Super Duty

Teaser Photo of 2013 Ford Super Duty

The Blue Oval American automaker knows that their American customers especially those who are living in Southern area are all about pickup truck. Not that there is anything wrong with the current workhorse vehicle as the customers only complaint two things – the pickup truck is not big enough and not powerful enough. So, by carrying this complaints, the 2013 Ford Super Duty is born and we just have the power to unveil the what-to- be big and robust pickup truck. Not much of details we can obtain for the 2013 Super Duty pickup truck which Ford refers it as the new trim level vehicle for the F-Series. According to, the pickup truck will present together with the Professional…

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As much as we are surprise with this news, but if we trace back, before we were facing the economy crisis, Ford reluctantly had to leave the luxury market and the Blue Oval automaker just watched on the side lines while other luxury player such as Land Rover, Jaguar,...Read More
Can you point out which vehicles on the 2012 Chicago Auto Show that represents the American muscle car era? Yup… you point your finger to the right car, it is none other than the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible. This roadster muscle car is sharing fame and legacy with...Read More
Before Ford mergers the performance divisions which separated miles away into one single division, each of the divisions went independently which made the Blue Oval company worried that each will not have the same quality and performance. Knowing that Ford has too many risks, they decided to merger all...Read More
We are about to leave January 2012 when Ford announces this shocking recalling news. Since the Blue Oval company is dealing with massive recalling, they have to separate the recalling campaign into two parts where the total recalling involves half a million vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...Read More
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