Shopping for vintage Honda motorcycle parts can be either difficult or easy. It depends who you choose it. It can be difficult if the Honda parts you are looking for is consider to be rare and even antique. Although a smart technician could be looking for parts replacement that...Read More
The 2012 Honda Integra is ready for the market, well at least for now because the Japanese motorcycle maker only leaked some details about the cruiser/scooter. We can’t figure it out which class should this bike goes: scooter or cruiser? Perhaps we just refer it as cruiser-scooter. Well, according...Read More
The 2012 Honda ST1300 ABS can be whatever bike you want it to be. The overall look is touring bike, but the 2012 ST1300 ABS gives performance like world’s best sportbike. Now, not much of motorcycle manufacturers are able to pull that off and Honda did. The profile of...Read More
When we are discussing about motorbike, it is impossible not to mention the Honda Motorcycles USA. Just like the four-wheel division, the two-wheel division also carries the same motto: giving outstanding machinery as well as unforgettable driving experience. Now, the Honda Motorcycles USA divided their productions into 4 categories:...Read More
Choosing the Right Honda Lawn Mower Parts

Choosing the Right Honda Lawn Mower Parts

Do you know how to choose the right Honda lawn mower parts? There are two kinds and two ways in selecting lawn mower parts. Two kinds of mower parts are original and aftermarket, as for the ways to get them is by online shopping or visiting lawn mower shop. Now, we will give you step by step on how to get the right Honda lawn mower parts. Which one will you choose as your Honda lawn mower parts: the original or the aftermarket? It all depends on your budget because original Honda lawn mower parts are a little bit expensive compare to the aftermarket but it has excellent quality. If you choose the aftermarket, it does cheaper from the original…

Read More

The real name for this unusual design scooter is 2011 Honda Ruckus NPS50, but most reviewers refer it as Ruckus. The unusual design pretty much breaking the boundaries on how scooter is supposed to look and the Japanese motorcycle maker thinks that less is more. That is why the...Read More
For this year official ride, AA has chosen the Honda ST1300 Pan European cruiser to replace the Silverwing 600 scooters and NT700VA Deauvilles. As much as 50 units of ST1300 Pan European changed the color into yellow AA livery and ready to roam the street of London, Manchester, Birmingham,...Read More
There are many choices of Honda Goldwing parts and they all depend on you how you want to get it. You can browse online of visiting the authorized dealer for Honda Goldwing and select the parts you need. It will be better if you go after the season discount...Read More
For all UK Honda lovers, the British division of the Japanese motorcycle division has announced that they are offering two units of Honda VT750 S Special Edition. That’s right, folks…. That very special VT750 S wraps in special edition cover. The both retro-styled street bikes dress in “Championship White”...Read More
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