Hyundai is not wasting any precious time as the South Korean automaker joined the 2012 Detroit Motor Show and gave official introductory for one of its creation. The vehicle in question is none other than the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe sportscar which if we look on the choice of...Read More
Apparently, major investment plan with Kia and rebuild the Californian headquarter are just the two plans that Hyundai is willing to share us. Out of nowhere, the South Korean automaker surprises the automotive world by unveiling their latest concept vehicle. The car in question is the Hyundai Hexa Space...Read More
Hyundai is on an offensive move folks as they just announced the major investment plans, now, one of the South Korean carmakers is opening the possibility about their new US headquarters. A South Korean invasion in US soil? Well, not invasion in negative way, but more like in positive...Read More
You probably don’t know but Hyundai Motor Company is the mother company of Kia and Hyundai. The two South Korean carmakers know that combining power will open more market segment and bigger profit as they offer affordable vehicles with reliable engine and performance. Now, as Hyundai and Kia realize...Read More
Rumor: New Engine Spec for 2013 Hyundai i30?

Rumor: New Engine Spec for 2013 Hyundai i30?

Yes, we would like to re-phrase our title for this post: does 2013 Hyundai i30 get new engine? Or like what our editor in chief asked us, “Is Hyundai working on new engine for the compact hatchback city car?” Well, what we know is that the South Korean carmaker’s project is the Veloster with turbo engine and will be presented in 2012 Detroit Motor Show next month. And for us, the Veloster is one of the hottest compact hatchback models in FWD! We repeat – in FWD, folks; how can you beat that? But, perhaps the Veloster turbo doesn’t suit the European customers’ taste on hatchback as much likely they prefer the 2013 Hyundai i30. According to, Hyundai can’t…

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The idea of sharing teaser image to arouse the curiosity and build pre-introductory market. Think of it as the early market reading although what you see is swoopy lines and the rest of the concept depends on us to imagine it. That is exactly what 2012 Hyundai i-oniq concept teaser...Read More
The official unveil of 2012 Hyundai Azera had taken place as 2011 LA Auto Show where the South Korean automaker proudly present its latest Fluidic Sculptured design language. Judging by the name, it has something to do with fluids and waters which might be referring the overall design of...Read More
Hyundai is one of the busiest carmaker today as the South Korean carmaker is developing new engine for their upcoming line-up. They successfully distracted out attention as they dropped the official photos for the 2013 model year of Genesis coupe. So, what does Hyundai is doing right now? It...Read More
The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is one of the most waited sportscar in the world and finally, the South Korean automaker unveiled some of their unofficial pictures. The first official introductory for 2013 Genesis Coupe was at Korean Speed Festival which held at Taebeck Racing Park in Kangwon –...Read More
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