2013 Kia Ceed car carries an innovative type of sports car in the city. Kia combines two types of cars that ended up being an impressive car product. This car is environmentally friendly and has a simple form. In addition to saving, this car is very easy to...Read More
Kia really understands that the Sorento model has becoming one of the popular CUV in the US market. The high demand means the South Korean carmaker needs to offer something more as they release the 2013 Kia Sorento with new equipment and packages. The improvements are needed in order...Read More
After the official photos sharing, the 2012 Kia cee’d is like a celebrity where right now it sets tries on the floor of 2012 Geneva Motor Show to promote their sporty hatchback look for the potential European customers. Well, Kia does need the entire buzz to market their vehicles...Read More
Yup… what you is the new version of 2012 Kia cee’d which some of known that the 2011 edition was chosen to be the “Reasonable Price Car” from the British famous automotive TV show – Top Gear. This is the 2nd generation of cee’d hatchback which about to have...Read More
Kia Releases the Soul Red Rock Special Edition

Kia Releases the Soul Red Rock Special Edition

What does the Kia Soul have until the South Korean automaker has to drop special edition? Apparently, this compact hatchback city car is so popular and the popularity means business opportunity for Kia and so, they offer their new Soul in special edition form. Presenting you, the Kia Soul Red Rock Special Edition. The idea of developing this compact hatchback city car in special edition is because the automaker inspired by “the beautiful rock formations found in the Southwest US”. The new paint job for the Soul Red Rock Special Edition hatchback is refer as the “Canyon” by Kia. It follows the recent trend where brown and shiny are the “it” thing in the automotive world. Autoevolution.com reported that the…

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The Kia Track’ster concept is supposed to be unveiled on the 2012 Chicago Auto Show, but the South Korean automaker which under Hyundai Motorcorp. Company decided that the first public initiation is important as they need to know how the well the public welcome this compact city car. Does...Read More
Here is the 2012 Kia Rio 3-door for UK market. It got us thinking, what is the difference between coupe hatchback and three-door hatchback? Well, it doesn’t really matter as we are more interested in scooping the Kia’s intention to sell their 2012 Rio 3-door to the UK market....Read More
With the new design language, the South Korean automaker that joins the Hyundai Motor Corp. under its wing is ready to launch its new hatchback which we think has a bit of resemblance with the Hyundai i30. What you see is actually the ready-for-production of 2013 Kia cee’d. The...Read More
You probably don’t know but Hyundai Motor Company is the mother company of Kia and Hyundai. The two South Korean carmakers know that combining power will open more market segment and bigger profit as they offer affordable vehicles with reliable engine and performance. Now, as Hyundai and Kia realize...Read More
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