What you see is the actual sportbike made by Lamborghini back in 1990s. So, make no mistake by thinking that this is the creation made by some Lambo die-hard fans and stripped his bike into this yellow monster. The Italian Raging Bull designed this sportbike and this was also...Read More
After announcing the last production of its Murcielago, Lamborghini has already prepared the Murcielago replacement. This new upcoming car which is likely going to be named Jota will be able to be seen for the first time on Geneva Auto Show 2011. This car is promised to be more...Read More
Lamborghini  SUV Business It’s been really long time Lamborghini left the SUV business. Let’s see, the last SUV that Lamborghini produced was released in the 1980 it means that it’s almost 20 years Lamborghini doesn’t produce any SUV. Now, Lamborghini is preparing the successor of the Lamborghini legendary SUV,...Read More
Lamborghini Estoque Supercar Lamborghini is preparing for first four-door supercar. Prototype was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in 2008 and called the Estoque. But because the crisis that hit in 2009, the project was postponed.Read More
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