European’s car of Lotus Exige S makes a new breakthrough in the automotive world. Car Lotus Cars has made an excellent form of sport and gives the feel of racing in appearance. Aero dynamic shape and appearance are assured of the car is able to attract the attention of...Read More
The relationship between Lotus and Proton is getting worst and worst each and every single day. Lotus already faces the difficulties in offering the new sportscars to the market and with the help of Proton, the British sportscar maker is hoping to get fresh idea. But the fact is,...Read More
Where is Lotus, folks? That is the question which we have been asking and to be frank, we don’t know what to say for this matter. Especially the “special relationship” between Lotus and Proton, the Malaysian company which expected new models and products to bring back the money they...Read More
Okay, kind of bummer when we found out that the Lotus EV city car project has to be put on hold because we think that it would be a great additional to the supposed to be electric sportscar maker. The EV city car concept was already introduced to public...Read More
Confirmation Over New Engine from Lotus

Confirmation Over New Engine from Lotus

We are jumping of joy as Lotus has officially announced that they are currently working new engine range. It is good to know that Lotus still exist as they already released final edition for some of their line-up. It is about time Lotus is building their own engine as they got their engine supplies from Toyota and this step is marking the product offensive program by the British luxury automaker. So, what kind engine does the Lotus work on and which lucky sportscar will get it? The new engine is in-house developed 4.8L V8 powertrain and already planned to be installed on the new Lotus Elise. According to, this particular engine could be delivering around 580 and 630 horsepower….

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For those who own the 2005-2006 Lotus Elise and Exige, your sportscar might be in trouble as there is oil leak problem and could cause serious issues such as fires and crashes. The news announced by NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which stated that the investigation was...Read More
That menacing sportscar up there is the Lotus Evora S GP Edition. This vehicle is creation of Lotus with help from Bell & Colville as a tribute for Lotus F1 racers that scored racing history in F1 world throughout the past. Spotting the Evora S GP Edition is not...Read More
Lotus is having a sale to make room for its upcoming line-up models. The clearance sale is starting by shutting down the production of the Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige models for the American market. Lotus hinted that there will be some limited editions expected to be released because...Read More
Usually, when you think about renting a car, the first thing that comes to mind is a drive which is nothing short of dull. However, this isn’t always the case, as certain rental companies choose to offer their customers a special experience. One of these companies is Hertz rental...Read More
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