The thing about the 2012 Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring 350 is that the Italian scooter maker considered this as touring scooter but the overall design is very far from the word “touring” like we know it. In fact, we prefer to refer this scooter as compact touring because its...Read More
You probably have or haven’t read the first part of our posting where Piaggio announced the new lineup as part of the global market. The announcement took place in Hollywood where Piaggio Group held dealer meeting event which also some kind of introductory and first look on some of...Read More
Piaggio Group is announcing some of the models lineup as they opening the all-new International Piaggio Group Advanced Design Center in Pasadena – California. Just so you know, Piaggio Group is the mother-ship for brands like Vespa, Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi. The event was wrapped around in 2012 dealer...Read More
Let the time flies by as you enjoy the long road by riding the 2012 Piaggio Fly 50 4V where the practicality of mobility is the primary goal. What makes this scooter is different from any other Piaggio’s models is the fact that the Italian motorcycle maker puts modern...Read More
Touring Scooter Profile Series: 2012 Piaggio Mp3 Touring LT 400 I.E.

Touring Scooter Profile Series: 2012 Piaggio Mp3 Touring LT 400 I.E.

What to combine the ultimate touring feeling and the practicality of scooter? You can try it by riding the 2012 Piaggio Mp3 Touting LT 400 I.E. as this scooter completely revised the design, styling, and functionality of what Piaggio refers as their “most classic” version of three-wheeler. The 2012 Mp3 Touring LT 400 I.E. is the “bigger” version of the LT 300 I.E. as they are filling the same three-wheeler model variant. This touring three-wheeler scooter is among the 100,000 units of Mp3s which have sold worldwide and it makes us curious, what do this scooter have and what makes it difference from the two-wheeler? Design, Chassis, and Frame on 2012 Piaggio Mp3 Touring LT 400 I.E. How can you…

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Never thought that scooter can do the touring work? Think again because the 2012 Piaggio Mp3 Touring LT 300 I.E. caters the practicality of a scooter but at the same time can act as touring device as well. oh, and notice the design because Piaggio wants the 2012 Mp3...Read More
Any plans for this weekend? Perhaps we can propose you to ride the 2011 Piaggio BV Tourer 500 as part of your weekend touring activity. Never doubt the ability of 2011 BV Tourer 500 scooter because it carries the Italian craftsmanship in machinery and design. Piaggio mentioned that the...Read More
You will not be having trouble to identify the 2011 Piaggio MP3 500 as this scooter is presenting in three-cycle model. The MP3 refers to the three wheels which obviously represent the Italian design. Piaggio doesn’t fill the ordinary or an entry-level scooter, but they want to offers luxury...Read More
The 2011 Piaggio Fly 150 has three things to offer you: low price, practicality, and fuel efficiency. Just like any other scooters from Piaggio, the 2011 Fly 150 carries the same tradition of success and upgraded technology that combines with modern design that has a little retro twist. The...Read More
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