Project Kahn shares its latest project and it involves the new 2012 Range Rover Sport Vesuvius. The off-road reborn into something which is somehow combines the luxury and muscular look on the entire body. Oh, and notice that very low ground clearance, it is very obvious that Project Kahn...Read More
We have been waiting for the successor of Range Rover Evoque, but it is not like we disappointed on what we see here, it is just that we never seen it coming. Yup… the 2012 Range Rover Evoque Convertible concept could be the next generation for the Evoque as...Read More
The 2012 year is very important for Range Rover because the British off-road carmaker is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its model. The celebration is in the form of launching the 2012 Range Rover Special Edition as they know we have been waiting for the new generation which currently...Read More
Here are two sets of spyshots of 2013 Range Rover which spotted took test drive on one of the toughest countries in the world – South Africa. Wait… Range Rover deployed their 2013 SUV prototype all the way to South Africa? Yup… it is pretty much stated that the...Read More
Rumor: Ranger Rover Grand Evoque with New Drive Train, Engine Plus Turbo

Rumor: Ranger Rover Grand Evoque with New Drive Train, Engine Plus Turbo

When Range Rover Evoque was introduced to the market, many compliments addressed to Range Rover for (finally) making outstanding compact SUV with sleek design and reliable engine. Just about off the topic, can you mention what the similarity that the automotive world has with celebrity gossip pages? It’s rumor, folks. Yup… the automotive world seems can’t let the Range Rover enjoy their compliments as new rumor emerged and dragged the Evoque along with it. The rumor that has been buzzing around is the automaker is secretly working on the more powerful version of the Evoque by the name of Grand Evoque. And as you know, when the rumor about new vehicle rises, it means that we are getting the engine…

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The tuning world will not be this attractive if it wasn’t the fruit of labor from Afzal Kahn with his Project Kahn tuning house company. The latest toy they propose to us is the Range Rover Military Edition. The unique military-themed tuning design for the Range Rover is deliberately...Read More
The Range Rover Evoque is presenting as just ordinary crossover until Startech sprinkles some magic dust on it and turning the just next-door crossover into one mean vehicle that will impress anyone who encounters with it. We got away with the fact that we never thought the Evoque has...Read More
No surprise at all when we found out that Ranger Rover Evoque is officially launched in India. The mother company of Range Rover is owned by Tata which we know that is the major business player in India. The announcement about the Evoque crossover will be selling in India...Read More
Is this what the 2014 Range Rover Sport will look like? Seriously? Well, since it is only a prototype, we think it will have some improvements on the overall design and juts an advice, Range Rover must figure something out for those hideous two exhausts. The challenges creating the...Read More
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