The French division of Renault has recently announced the official UK price of the faclifted version of the Twingo Renaultsport 133. In case you are confuse, we are referring to the 2012 Renault Twingo RS hatchback. The French sporty hatchback will be available in showrooms starting in April 23rd....Read More
How would you like you Renault Clio RS with a taste of the Red Bull Racing F1 team? Yeah… we get that imagination a lot and the French carmaker knows that if they both combine their pride, they will get something different for the market. So, we present you...Read More
Fiat has decided to take another try on US market so they return to the Uncle Sam’s soil. But Renault has no intention to follow Fiat’s step although the US market is starting to appreciate the diesel fuel and some of them already change their fuel choice. Just so...Read More
Remember Renault Zoe? The first time the French carmaker introduced this vehicle was in the form of concept car at 2010 Paris Auto Show. Back then, Renault bravely said that the car would be 90% identical to the electric car which about to be launched early this year. Guess...Read More
Official Unveiled for the Facelifted 2012 Renault Megane

Official Unveiled for the Facelifted 2012 Renault Megane

The facelifted 2012 Renault Megane has rolled out from the production floor and ready to impress potential customers. The facelifted which we think it’s more like upgraded is covering not only the exterior, but also the interior and technical sides too. The French compact hatchback offers three new engine types which starts from the Energy dCi diesel that gives 110 horsepower with fuel efficiency sits at 3.8L for every 100 km (around 74.3 UK mg) with CO2 emission of 95g/km. The one of other engine choices for the facelifted 2012 Megane compact hatchback is 1.6L Energy dCi that offers 130 horsepower with fuel efficiency of 4.0L for every 100 km (53.2 UK mpg) and CO2 emission at 104 g/km. The…

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Here is the latest model of Bose special edition for the Renault Koleos crossover. The first time the French carmaker introduced the Bose was last year and it scored pretty much popularity. So, what does the 2012 Renault Koleos Bose Special Edition has to offer us? Just so you...Read More
The selling of Renault Laguna sits in the middle: not disappointing, and pretty much profitable. So, the French automaker takes a bold step to add new model for the Laguna hatchback and they already set their eyes on the crossover market. Wait… a Laguna crossover? Well, it is better...Read More
The facelifted 2012 Renault Laguna Coupe sedan should be unveiled during the 2012 Paris Auto Show, but the French automaker decided that the perfect venue for official introductory is at Bologna Motor Show. Yes, the sedan is undergoing a facelifted program and one thing that definitely catches our attention...Read More
Here are two French hatchback models that have been undergoing facelifted, presenting you the 2012 Renault Scenic and 2012 Renault Grand Scenic. The official debut for these Renault hatchback models will take place next year with the European market release in January. The price tag for the 2012 Scenic...Read More
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