What image do you think the new VW Beetle 2012 try to convey? Did you remember the first time Das Auto launched the new Beetle? That time, the new compact city car carries more feminine side or we like to refer as girly image. Now, after profound development and...Read More
We certainly miss the old VW Beetle, but Volkswagen has decided to introduce the new VW Beetle 2011. We expected that Volkswagen has done major changes, but the changes to the new Beetle 2011 are only superficially slight. Luca de Meo, the Volkswagen Global Marketing states that the car...Read More
  This new 2011 VW Beetle is a successor of the death of 11 long years on sale New Beetle. This retro VW car is more wide, lower and longer than the previous model. There are three variants of 2011 Beetle;  Basic, Luxurious Design, and Top Line Sport. Panoramic...Read More
Volkswagen is now began previewing a hybrid version of VW Jetta. This is almost the same time as Volkswagen present VW Jetta with its three petrol and one turbodiesel direct-injection engines. Toscan Bennett, a VW product strategist, saying the model will arrive in 2012. Toscan Bennett also said as...Read More
New VW Beetle 2011, Next Generation VW Beetle

New VW Beetle 2011, Next Generation VW Beetle

Volkswagen is preparing a new VW Beetle second generation (Volkswagen Beetle 2011). The concept will be displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2010. According to rumors, there is installing engine capacity by 2.0 L 213 HP power. This machine is more powerful than machines that sold recently. In addition, VW is also expected to release 1.4 L engine variant with 162 HP and 106 HP 1.2 L, all use gasoline. Source: worldcarfans.com

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Volkswagen Motorsport Race Touareg Specification : Engine: Diesel 2.500 cc, 5 lines cylinders and Turbo grade 2 Power: 280 horse power Gear: 5-speed Clutch; Hydraulic from ZF Sachs Suspension: Double wishbone, every wheel has two strings and two-shock breaker. Wheels: Measure 7.2 X 16 inches Ban: BFGoodrich 235-85/16 Framework:...Read More
Volkswagen Motorsport Race Touareg. In order to economize a car weight, the car body made from composite carbon fiber. It means that material adds weight this car only 50 kg. Therefore, the cars totally weight lighter because this car engine is diesel. The reason is the diesel car is...Read More
This Race Touareg is nature cross rely VW Touareg version. Several adaptation made by Volkswagen Motorsport when modified this Toureg for suitable to nature cross racing like Dakar rely. Andreas Lautner, Director of Volkswagen Motorsport technique said that one of the big challenges for us, engineers and technician, is...Read More
Race Touareg from Volkswagen Motorsport, The King of Dakar Rally – Volkswagen Motorsport certainly is partying now. Their car, Race Touareg, sat in second-top position in Dakar rarely in Argentina – Chile that over on Saturday, January 18,2009. Their car defeat Mitsubishi also, this times use Racing Lancer not...Read More
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