If you think that purchasing the motorbike is a difficult job then you may not be right absolutely however while purchasing a motorbike it is important that you should know the breed of the bike. The 2012 Yamaha FZ1 I is specially designed for the sports. You can see...Read More
You have met the 2012 Raider SCL, and are you curious on what platform the Japanese tuning fork motorcycle maker uses to create this outstanding in-house custom cruiser? Well, time for you to meet the 2012 Yamaha Raider S which this is the platform where the Raider SCL is...Read More
If you think that choosing sportbike is difficult, you are wrong. What you need to know before choosing and buying the bike is the breed of the bike. The 2012 Yamaha FZ1 is obviously carries some sport DNA on its design and performance because we all know how unstoppable...Read More
The US market seems to have special place for this Japanese tuning fork motorcycle company as they are offering the 2012 Yamaha Raider SCL. Yup… the new cruiser is for sale in US only which means that the true in-house custom production won’t be offered for another market. SCL...Read More
Cruiser Bike Profile Series: 2012 Yamaha Roadliner S

Cruiser Bike Profile Series: 2012 Yamaha Roadliner S

Who says Yamaha can’t cater the American needs in cruiser with classic styling and has touring performance? The 2012 Yamaha Roadliner S arrives to balance the muscular Japanese cruiser with the power of touring bike. What the tuning fork motorcycle maker wants as you hop on the 2012 Roadliner S is you will have sense of higher performance, excitement, and pride of ownership. The name already stated that this thing of beauty is not only good to look at, but also makes a great company for cruising the endless roads. Design, Chassis, and Frame on 2012 Yamaha Roadliner S To create something that is not too muscular but balance in beauty and performance, the 2012 Yamaha Roadliner S constructed the…

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Check out the toy that we have for you to spend your weekend, folks. Cruising the road with the 2012 Yamaha Stryker will make everything doesn’t matter anymore. The endless road needs something like this Japanese cruiser because a muscular forward-lunging look somehow interprets the iconic custom “chopper” from...Read More
Yamaha was dominating the MotoGP series from 2005 to 2009 as they won back-to-back World Champion and constructor title thanks to the genius input from Valentino “The Doctor Rossi”. Since then, fans all over the world have been demanding the Japanese tuning fork company to produce the same bike...Read More
Do you believe if we tell you that there is lightweight cruiser bike that has outstanding heavy performance and at the same time propose fuel efficient usage? Yes, with the condition of the motorcycle world these days, there is no surprise that the tuning fork company manages to offer...Read More
The reason why we add new category to our review is because the bike we are about to discuss with you is not just ordinary sportbike and the motorcycle manufacturer itself refers it as super sportbike. The motorcycle in question is the 2012 Yamaha FZ6R that promises easy handling...Read More
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