Enjoy your Ride with Mazda Mx 5 2016

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If you like the blowing of the wind or the warmth of the sun hitting your face while you’re driving, Mazda mx 5 2016 might be the best car for you. That is because the new generation of Mazda mx 5 2016 is a stylish roofless sport car that provides an enjoyable driving experience for any age.

Even though it has such a unique design that is aimed for younger demographics, the sophistication of the car is certainly suitable for everyone. If you don’t believe it, look at this detailed information about the specs of the car.

Comfort for Everyone
Mazda mx 5 2016 is a fourth generation of Miata that was launched by Mazda early in February. Since its release, every car enthusiast has commented positively regarding its design that resembles a toy car. Other than that, people love the amazing quality of its seats that really provides comfort for its driver. The new design is also purposefully made deeper than its previous model. In that way, you can really see your pathways through the clear front glass of the car.

Additionally, the retractable seating offers you a spacious area for your body, and especially for your head.
In terms of exterior design, the roofless car is equipped with two choices of retractable roof. They are the hard – top roof and the soft – top roof. And in regards to colour, you can choose three different colours such as red, silver, and blue for your different car collection.

Machine that Supports its Youthful Design
Mazda mx 5 2016 has also received a widespread attention on the high quality of its engine. Mazda mx 5 2016 comes with a robust machine of 1.5 litres turbine engine in four cylinders style. Despite so, the American version is even stronger with a 2.0 litres engine of turbine. In that way, you can gas – start your car and reach 60 mph in just under seven seconds. The European and American versions also come with different specs of tires. While the European version has smaller tires of 16 inches, the American sports 17 inches tires of Yokohama Advan tires. Although, when it comes to torque and horse power, both is equipped with the same type of machine that is 155 horse power and 148 lb-ft. torque. Go ahead and purchase Mazda mx 5 2016 before you run out of the stock in the market.

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