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If we want to get information about the Ford GT 2016 price, then do a search through multiple sources such as automotive magazines, television, or the Internet is a very good idea to apply. With the advancement of technology today, get information about a case will be very easy and quick, especially when we rely on the help of the internet. Within seconds, we will find information related to the 2016 Ford GT included for the price offered. Before we know how much the price offered for the 2016 Ford GT, it’s good for us to know about the various specifications are owned by the supercar first. In general it can be said that this is a car that is designed to include a number of high technology that is able to support the performance of the car is built from lightweight carbon fiber resulting aerodynamic properties and is able to produce the pace we desire like competing in track racing because of the use and performance of Ecoboost that we should know before get Ford GT 2016 price.

In addition, the GT 2016 also comes with a variety of other cool features including a rear wheel drive, slim design, 2 door coupe body shell, until mid-mounted engine. This car comes with a 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo engine V6 which is said to produce a force of up to more than 600 hp. If we compare with the previous GT series, then we will find differences in the strength of more than 50 hp which the previous generation using the super-charged V8 engine capable of producing power of 550 hp. The engine is one of the important things that are asked by potential buyers because of course we want to get the maximum strength of the cars that we desire rather than just a car with a cool design without coupled with maximum performance, is not it?!. 2016 Ford GT engine is installed in the middle section, exactly in the back seat which will offer an ideal weight balance.

By knowing the machine used and the performance that can be produced, then we move to obtain information regarding Ford GT 2016 price closer. As we know, the engine of a car is tantamount to the heart of the car so that watched carefully is an important thing we do before knowing the amount of the actual Ford GT 2016 price. In addition to information on the performance of the machine and can be produced, we also need to check on a few other things, including exterior and interior. 2016 Ford GT comes with a charming exterior. Car body comes with a sleek design with a charming curve thus reinforcing the impression of modern and sophisticated. We will find that the car comes with various combinations of materials including carbon fiber and aluminum, which in turn is able to produce a car that weighs lighter which have a positive impact in terms of superior performance. LED lights modern and bold fascia was used to reinforce the character of the car – as well as real spoiler fully active. In addition, we also can change its pitch, and also profile based on the velocity generated by cars and input from the driver.

As for the interior, the 2016 Ford GT does not indicate the presence of a lot of items or features installed in it. However, we will find the coolest feature on the wheel where it all comes in the form of a button with each function and is used to control the pace of the car while driving. This feature is a manifestation of the desire to strengthen the character of Ford racing car-like appearance on F1 that should be appreciated. To note, all control buttons are designed and manufactured not only to support the view cabin fully, but also has a fully configured so as to deliver the support needed by the driver. By knowing the interior of the latest GT, then we move to determine the amount of the Ford GT 2016 price closer. No doubt it is that to get the price of 2016 Ford GT, we have to know the other specifications of a section first.

This is especially if from the manufacturer has not disclosed the size of the price for the items that they will produce and offer. Many people are trying to get the price of an item of information by comparing it with similar products or based on a consideration of the price the same series produced before – similar also to know the Ford GT 2016 price. We have not been able to get a definite nominal value for the item of the Ford, which in turn makes us and many other people are guessing the amount of the price offered for the Ford GT 2016.

And one of the easiest ways we can do is to compare it with previous GT series. GT series previously priced at more than $ 140,000 to the specifications under the latest series. When we look at this and taking into account some of the information we get, then it is possible if the Ford GT 2016 price will be far stands at $ 140,000. Yup, a car that reportedly will be produced next year – 2016, does not provide any information about the Ford GT 2016 price makes so many of us that in the end can only try to guess the amount of the price offered. When we look at the specifications mentioned earlier, it stands to reason that the price of the car will not be cheaper than the previous GT series.


The prices were much higher and certainly we will get no doubt about this. However, the Ford GT 2016 price high priced, are unlikely to undo the interest of many exotic car enthusiasts to get it. And did the reader know that reportedly many people who expect that Ford produced this car in limited quantities? Well, if it so happens, then we can be sure we will get a car that seem to be exclusive and is able to bring pride for the owner. However, this is still just an idea. In fact, we had to wait patiently for what will be decided by Ford on the number of cars that will be produced and on the Ford GT 2016 price.

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