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If we want to get information about the New Ford Raptor 2016, then the internet is the best place for us to start the search. There are many articles that are ready to be used as a reference source for us to get a range of issues related to the 2016 Raptor. According to some sources over the internet, we will find that this car has been presented at the Detroit Auto Show 2015 comes as a car with a variety of advantages.

The New Raptor Redesign
We will find the few flaws that removed by the manufacturer to learn the error owned by the previous generation. Although the test drive has been implemented, but many people who are not satisfied because they cannot grope and predict what is offered and what is new is applied to the car. To be sure, we will find that the New Ford Raptor 2016 comes with a total weight lighter than the previous generation so that we can ensure that the performance of the car will be much higher.

• Platform and features – New Ford Raptor 2016 comes and designed using high quality materials are much lighter, including the use of aluminum and steel structures in several places. By using aluminum in car bodies, then we will have a lower body weight that will not make the car lose performance and strength. We do not need to worry about that because Ford engineers ensure that the car comes with the performance and power of an even more leverage. The car has all the features of the previous generation and has several enhanced features including exterior design so that we will have that appearance comes with its own style.

When compared with the model of the Ford F-150, then there is little difference that the difference between the two. However, these differences cannot we get the details because the condition is still obscured. No need to worry about the final look of the design of the New Ford Raptor 2016 because although the company has not determined the final decision on the design of the car, but the Ford designers have worked hard so that the car can be present as one of the competitors to be reckoned with in the class included in the implementing every detail in design.
• Machinery and choices that we can get – New Ford Raptor 2016 reportedly will use a 5.0L V8 engine that will produce fuel economy better. However, some are saying that the New Raptor will use the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engines that come with the power of 365 hp and torque of 420 lb / ft. When we see, this is a pretty powerful machine and will significantly improve the car’s performance when applied. However, we will also be faced with the Raptor habits that always encouraged and supported by a V8 engine, including the Ford F-150 Raptor. New Ford Raptor 2016 engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission that will provide a more memorable driving experience.
In addition, we will also get an upgrade on Fox suspension with a size much larger diameter so that the trip will be more comfortable and fun to use the car. We will also get a new terrain management system that computerized and will optimize the transfer case which has been improved. In addition, there is traction control mode that offers optimum performance regardless of road conditions we’ve been through. Regardless of the machine that will be used in the New Raptor, which definitely the buyers want a truck that has outstanding performance with the power that cannot be doubted.

This is so that the company can make the right decision in choosing and implementing the right machine for use in the car. By using the V8 engine, then surely we will get a thunderous sound. To produce better performance, many people who expect that the use of aluminum is applied to the body with a larger portion, in addition to using the right engine of course.

For the price, the New Ford Raptor 2016 is offered with a range of prices starting from $ 45,999. The price is yet to be determined by the automakers, but the price mentioned above is the price that we can get to do a comparison with the previous generation. New Ford Raptor 2016 comes as a car that comes with high expectations, especially for truck segment that is expected to answer the demand of the market and become a popular choice for many. Many people are hoping that the New Raptor could be a truck that comes with a high performance in the onslaught of some of its competitors such as the Dodge Ram 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, until the 1500 Chevrolet Silverado.
Please be patient if we want to get the New Ford Raptor 2016 as a new car will be produced at the end of 2016 and will be available in the autumn. In addition to searching through the internet, we can also get information about the new Ford Raptor 2016 by doing a search in a number of other areas including automotive magazines, newspapers, or through television broadcasts. Although it may be the amount of information that we will not get as much and as complete when searching through the internet, but certainly there are things we can learn and get to add information associated with the New Raptor.

It will be a search for information that will be fun to do because of course there are a series of other additional information we can get. Not limiting ourselves in getting the resources associated with the New Raptor is a very good thing to do so that the amount of information that we get more and more and will be complete. To get a car with the specifications that we want is not easy, and do a search as much information as possible is the first step for us to decide whether we are going to take it or decide to take the other car.

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