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When we talk about the 2016 Ford GT supercar, then we will talk about a car with a beautiful design and greater horsepower that many predicted as one of the best, and in fact has become one of the biggest star is currently on display at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show . As a third-generation car from the Ford GT, we will get the best performance from Ford with a range of innovative new generation that will not make us disappointed. So, what makes a star? Well, there are a few things that make this car come as a star’s and the following is to be known. The first thing that makes this car comes as a star is the fact that the machine used will make us get a driving experience that will not be forgotten. 2016 Ford GT supercar comes with the same engine used in the Ford Focus which is a machine used EcoBoost engine. Although the same type of machine used, but the Ford GT supercar comes with superior specifications in which there is at a mid-mounted 1.0L turbo and twin turbo 3.5L V6 capable of producing more power than 600 hp.

Machine owned by a 2016 Ford GT supercar showed remarkable efficiency in which we will get power-train durability with a stunning performance. Besides being used in the Focus ST, the EcoBoost is also used in several other Ford models, including the F-150 Raptor and the Fiesta ST. By using EcoBoost engine in the Ford GT, then in addition to outstanding performance we will also get the car lighter and utilities, including the existence of a wide power-band that have the characteristics of time-to-torque which is very impressive. This car comes with a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission that will not make anyone feel disappointed when driving this car. In 2016 Ford GT supercar, besides getting used as an Ecoboost engine, we will also find the port / dual fuel direct injection setup that will improve engine response coupled with low friction roller finger follower valve-train. The second thing that made the 2016 Ford GT is present as one of the shining stars among other car is a high speed that cannot be doubted.

The ability of the issuing pace car at 200 mph and can travel from 0-62 mph in 3 seconds. The third thing that makes 2016 Ford GT is predicted as one of the super car that should not be missed is the fact that no expense is spared associated with the use of carbon fiber tub in making the weight of the car becomes lighter. We will also find that the design used on the latest Ford GT is a design inspired by F1 car include steering wheel for stalk-less, so in addition to getting an incredible pace, we will also get the car look cool and trendy. And did the readers know that 2016 Ford GT supercar has a design that resembles a tear drop is also inspired from aircraft design?!. By adopting this design, the car is expected to optimize the down-force owned and help minimize drag. We will also find that the design applied to the 2016 Ford GT supercar functionally created to manage the flow of air which is also equipped with an active aerodynamic components are fully used to improve the stability, braking, and handling.

We also will find is an active rear spoiler to help speed and driver input. The fourth thing that makes the 2016 Ford GT supercar is present as a car to be reckoned with is the fact that the car was designed to serve the purposes of the owner. With a contemporary design and shape and have high functionality, we will see how both are present in a harmonious look, modern, and captivating. The car is equipped with 20-inch wheels and a compound which has a unique structure that is designed specifically for the latest cars from Ford that where there are multi-spoke wheels are surrounded by carbon ceramic brake discs at all four corners. 2016 Ford GT supercar is also equipped with a narrow canopy useful to reduce the frontal area and caps with the use of high technology that will ensure that the driver gets control, security, and comfort. In this cool car, we will find the two-seat cockpit that can be accessed by upward swinging doors. We will also find that the seats for the driver and another passenger integrated directly into carbon fiber passenger cell. Given this configuration, it is significantly we will find the weight reduction and seating at the same hardware that will provide a consistent and sensory connections directly to the chassis.

For information, the fixed seating is combined with adjustable pedals and steering column which is used to accommodate the presence of a wide range of statures driver. For 2016 Ford GT supercar, we will find that the price offered will match the Lamborghini. Other news mentions that many people are expecting that the Ford GT was produced in the hundreds just so we can be sure there will be an exclusive and proud if we could get one of them. For the production process itself, 2016 is the time. We’ll see how Ford’s commitment in designing this car supercar that not only design the car body cool and trendy, but also includes a number of technologies that aim to help improve the performance and appearance of the car as a whole, including some that have been mentioned from active aerodynamics at the rear spoiler that can be spread through the use of advanced technology that allows the driver to control the car completely including SYNC®3 which is a system of Ford’s advanced connectivity latest version. The concept of a 2016 Ford GT supercar is it is a charming modern style that incorporates elements of retro so we’ll see who has the shape of a model of the Ford GT. The front end can be instantly recognizable as a car from Ford, but with a variety of other exterior is much more aggressive and modern.

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