Hot Expectation of 2018 Jeep Truck Redesign and Engine Spec

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Do not be confused while looking for 2018 Jeep Truck information. These following parts may give you short description about the 2018 Jeep Truck. This truck will be more adorable and more amazing special for the buyers. Check this out!

New Design

Are you looking for mid-size light duty truck? Then the 2018 Jeep Truck is the answer. The newest Jeep Wrangler ruck will come as soon as possible as mid-size light duty truck. Not only about the larger sized front and rear lights which are easily defined and including the seven port grille up front. Though the manufacturer tries to cover the truck, they cannot capable of hiding the chassis design. We still can see it quite well. The body-on-framework construction for this new jeep will complete with similar hydro-formed metal which is similar with the Wrangler. Honestly, this new jeep truck will be simply a longer Wrangler with your bed. The interior will also give you special appearance. On the wood dashboard, it shows like TFT screen for primary gaming system. If it is true, then it makes this 2018 Jeep Wrangler Truck as the most adorable truck among the others.

Engine Spec

Will the 2018 model give us a lot of engine options? Though, the manufacturer does not give many option for engine spec, it is enough and worth to see. You can find two positive-shots to expect under the hood. The first engine for this Jeep truck is with a Chrysler 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 which can produce power until 285 ponies to deliver with great a 5 speed auto tranny. While, you will see the other option since the truck comes with a very handful of RAM pickups as well. The second engine option may give you enough power like with 2.0-liter Turbocharged aluminum obstruct engine. The second engine will give you power until 300 horsepower. Well, some rumors even said for the additional option like using Hellcat engine. If the rumors true, then you also can choose a Hellcat 6.2-liter V8 into its lineup which can produce power until 707 horsepower.

Release Date and Price

Do not expect too much because it is only an expectation. The manufacturer does not give any official announcement about the price and release date yet. But we hope can see this truck at the end of 2017. The last is about the price. The price of 2018 Jeep Truck can be more or less at $30,000.

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