Lamborghini Aventador Remote Control Car: The Mini Version

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What’s the special thing about Lamborghini Aventador remote control car? Well, it is the mini version of the real one – with 1/14 scale of the real deal. It does look like the real one – with some of the ability that is (almost) similar to the real vehicle.

This is the alternative vehicle to the real Aventador LP700, in case you want to have one and yet you can’t really afford it. Well, the real one costs from around half a million to almost a million. Unless you are a millionaire, there is no way that you will be able to afford the real item. But with this Lamborghini Aventador remote control car, at least you can spend less than $100 – and you can still enjoy the remote control. Feel free to ‘drive’ and control it anywhere you like.

About the Car

Feel free to find the product from anywhere – especially toy store or RC shops. But if you are looking for a reliable supplier with nice offers, buying one from Amazon will definitely help you. It has impressive sales services and you are free to read the various feedbacks and reviews from previous buyers who have bought the remote control.

So, what’s to like about this Lamborghini Aventador remote control car, anyway? First of all, it comes with the exact dimension and size – only 14 times smaller than the real thing. Since it is coming with a remote control, you can add it up to your collection or you can control it around. It has almost similar features like the reverse, forward, go left, stop, and go right. The exterior elements and the interior cabin are detailed – like it was mentioned before, it is almost similar to the real one. And since it is assembled at the factory, it is packacged and ready to be used once you open the box – there is no need for you to do the assemble anymore.

Things that Are Working

Since it is made like the real vehicle, the headlights can be turned on and off. It also uses batteries, the simple double AA. The construction is pretty good so it isn’t flimsy or cheesy at all, so don’t expect the construction to be weak. You won’t be able to remove the body from the platform. If you like the concept of this RC ride and you like the mini version of the expensive Aventador, you can consider this Lamborghini Aventador remote control car.

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