Mazda cx 5 2016 for a better ride in 2015

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The new type of Mazda cx 5 2016 is a better car than your average sedan. Since its launch in 2015, people have been talking about the high quality of its specs that creates a buzz among sedan user. When you are looking at its new specs you will be guaranteed a high quality vehicle that is long lasting and stylish. Mazda cx 5 2016 is considered as the top sedan family in the year of 2015. That is why you should consider purchasing this car for a better ride around town. Here are some of the most prominent reasons why this car would be the perfect car for you.

Amazing technology inside a small car
Despite being a mid – size car, you can rely on its spacious interior for being luxurious and comfortable. The leather seat comes in different colour which you can choose. Either a black lining or a tan brown, you will be guaranteeing a durable interior. Furthermore, the seating is a lot deeper and bigger compared to the latest model which was deemed rather small. Mazda cx 5 2016 also comes with a high tech technology that will accompany you’re driving. Inside the car, you get to listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite movies through the infotainment centre. Plus, you can also check your social network account through the available internet connectivity inside the screen.
Other than the interior, the exterior is also as good. For instance, the design itself is highly luxurious and stylish. The red paint of mazda cx 5 2016 is attractive and the LED lights are a lot more useful than you might think.

Modern engine for your driving
One of the best quality that you can get from Mazda cx 5 2016 is the modernity of its machine. On the most standard level, you will be able the car with a 155 horse power and a robust torque of 184 lb-ft. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the 2.0 litres four cylinder turbine that gives your car strength and durability. Even so, for a little bit more money you can upgrade your car into a 2.5 litres turbine machine. In the end, Mazda cx 5 2016 is a great sedan car whether you want t for a family car or a car that you use for a hangout. For a 22.000 dollar, you get to purchase this car which will be released early in 2015.

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