Mini Cooper 2018 Release Date and Current Updates

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If you have been tuning into the latest news about Mini Cooper, you would definitely want to know about the upcoming Mini Cooper 2018 release date. This vehicle has always been known for its great design and very nice handle, so it is only logical if you expect better things for the new line.

The Pros and Cons

So, what are the things you will love about the new Cooper? First of all, it will come with expressive style – much more expressive than the ‘bland and plain’ regular appearance. The new Cooper will also have sharp handling with different variants of body styles – extending to convertible too. What about the interior cabin? Well, expect the car to have comfy front side seats that isn’t only affecting feel and ambiance but also greater control.

However, be prepared for some of the ugly facts. If you decide to choose the Clubman, which has a very modern and nice design, it is only able to accommodate four people. Not to mention that the ride has cramped and limited cargo area, which can be a problem if you have to deal with lots of loads on a daily basis. The Cooper comes with various styles, but it doesn’t mean that choosing the variants will be easy. And expect to pay high with still limited features.

About the New Model

Setting the Mini Cooper 2018 release date aside, let’s talk about the new Cooper in a general retrospect. Everyone knows that the 2018 model will be coming in either four door or two door hatchback with focus on custom and style. The new vehicle will be coming in small and compact size and yet it will pack a good and solid power to improve handle and also speed. With the combination of good style, punchy power, and hatchback design, you can expect a lot from it.

On the disappointing note, on the other hand, don’t expect the new car to come with more power and great features. Sure, it is a good thing that Mini still retains its classic and iconic design – not to mention that it is super comfy too – but don’t get your hopes high. If you are expecting ultra new features with super advanced system, you won’t get it from this new Cooper. Do you still want to know about the upcoming Mini Cooper 2018 release date

Engine and Power

This new Mini will be coming with three cylinder turbocharged engine, producing 124 hp of power. Controlling the new Mini will be nice, thanks to the improvements made on the engine. If you choose Cooper S, it is running on turbo four unit with 189 hp of power. It is not a bad arrangement at all, but then again, Mini can still do better than that because the arrangement seems so ‘generic’.

Another disappointing fact is the price, which is higher than before. The base trim will start from around $22,500 up to $30,000 for the top line. So far, there hasn’t been any official announcement about Mini Cooper 2018 release date.

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