New Mazda 6 2016 Specs and Price

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The new Mazda 6 2016 is one of the most talk about cars in the family sedan department this year. For those who are car enthusiast, the older model of Mazda was pretty impressive as a sedan that caters to people with family. But with the new Mazda 6 2016, the car will be upgraded so that it is not only a family car, but also a sports car that could suit the younger audience. If you are planning to purchase a new family car that also looks cool from the outside, the new Mazda 6 2015 might be the best car for you.

Elegant style inside and outside
The new Mazda 6 2016 comes with a new body design that prioritizes luxury and practicality. The new design looks very slick with two LED lights up front that intersect the new and wider front bumper. The taillights are bright with a modern design that matches the front light. The slick design resembles a bullet which represents its aero – dynamic quality and practicality. New Mazda 6 2016 comes in three different colours such bright red, sonic silver, and also titanium mash. Even though the exterior is highly pleasant, the interior design itself is just as good. With three colours of choices, you can have either black, light beige, or beige leather lining that is not only stylish but also comfortable. You can also enjoy the various entertainment and infotainment coming from your central screen. And additionally, the car also comes with a new technology of automatic parking brake. The new Mazda 6 2016 is going full – on high tech this year, and no one can say that it is just an average mid – size family sedan anymore.
Other amazing specs

The car will be powered through its 185 horse power, along with a 2.5 litres four cylinder engine capacity. The car itself will weight around 3000 lbs, which is rather light for a mid – size car. Certainly you can count on the machine as it is capable of taking around 16.4 gallon of gas in its fuel tank. Thus, the six speeds could really drive you to around 28 cities and 40 highways all over the country. If you are interested in purchasing the new Mazda 6 2016, you don’t have to wait any longer as it has already been launched late in February. You can purchase this car through any car serum on an average price range of 22.000 dollars.

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