New Mazdamiata 2016 Price and Specs

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New mazdamiata 2016 has been receiving a lot of attention since its debut several months ago. With a newly improved design and machinery, you can consider the new mazdamiata 2016 as one of the best sport sedan cars that was being launched earlier this year. The classically modern design of the miata also proves that Mazda might be coming back stronger after its previous model. If you are looking to purchase a new car that is both sporty and practical, this car could not have been more perfect for you. Below are several reasons why you should consider having this car.

Modern Japanese – inspired specs
The new mazdamiata 2016 specs are inspired by Japanese model, which means that it has a lot of refinement in its finish. For a closer look, the car is completed with a 155 horse power that is ready to fulfil your need for speed. The 2.0 litres of turbine engine also creates a soundly quick ride around the city. You might even get a faster turbine engine if you buy the American version, as Mazda produce the American version with a 1.5 litres of turbine engine. The new mazdamiata 2016 itself also finished with a six – speed manual transmission that is easy to handle and figure out. The 148 lb-ft. Torque is another reason why this car is so sporty and efficient to use for.

Slim feature that will attract you
The new MazdaMiata 2016 has one of the most attractive roofless car designs. The slim feature is so aero – dynamics and pleasant to the eye. It comes with around 150 inches in length and 68 inches in width with an overall weight of 2350 lb. The exterior is painted with a dashing red colour completed with two different types of roof. You can choose between a retractable hard top or soft top in which both provides a lot of room with or without roof. The inside is so comfortable as the new mazdamiata 2016 is made with a deeper seating arrangement that strengthen driving visibility for everyone. The two seat ride also comes with comfy black leather lining that look posh and expensive.

Even so, you don’t have to spend so much money despite it being a luxurious roofless sport car. You can get this amazing car with an estimated price range of 25.000 US dollar. If you are interested in purchasing this product, you might want to hurry as it was launched already early in February.

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