New Volvo XC40 2017 Power and Promising Ability

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When you are looking at the image of the new Volvo XC40 2017, you are looking at the stylish and appealing solid design with just a nice touch of fashion and style. After all, Volvo is always able to create such an appealing and classy design.

The Current Designs

The new Volvo XC40 2017 is designed and manufactured for the younger market fans. This line has been included within the smallest model in the variants. The exterior design comes with the DNA from Volvo, along with plastic covered wheel arches that represent the crossover model. There will be several different options for the designs. The T5 will be coming with turbocharged inline four unit with 250 hp of power and all wheel driving system. It is set as the basic line. The T4 will be coming with front wheel driving system with 200 hp of power, designed to arrive in the middle of 2018 They will be coming with standard safety technologies and features, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay or the 9.0 inch entertainment display with touchscreen feature.

About the Premium Design

Although this model comes as the compact SUV, it doesn’t compromise or affect the premium feel. Volvo has set this model as their third one, planned to launch around the first quarter within 2018. Volvo has a different arrangement for different market segments. The adult versions are definitely different from the ones for younger generations.

For this new Volvo XC40 2017, the company will be using the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture), a new construction that is believed to improve handle, performance, and also power. With the combination of lightweight materials and better power arrangement, the overall outcome will be more promising and appealing.

Overall Designs

This new XC40 is inspired from the bigger SUV but there is something distinctive about the model. The car will have a clamshell design for the hood, the upswept rear window, and also a new improvement for the wheel arch. When compared to the XC60, it is shorter with big wheels.

Engine and Power

This model will be coming with two different engine options, both are using the four cylinder turbocharged engine with 2.0 liter capacity. The T4 will be coming in a front wheel driving system while the T5 will come with all wheel driving system. The T4 will have 200 hp of power while the T5 will produce 250 hp of power.

All these arrangements will be paired with auto 8 speed gearbox as the standard. So far, Ford has no plan to produce the manual gearbox for the American segment. In Europe, Ford is using the diesel engine with 2.0 liter capacity that is delivering 180 hp of power but such a thing won’t be found in America. A hybrid power with gas engine and three cylinder unit is possible.

For the T4, the price is set around $34,000 while the T5 is sold for around $36,000. Furthermore, for the new Volvo XC40 2017 release date, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about it.

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