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2009 Honda Accord. Honda as the Japan car manufacturing is launching their new variety in 2009. Honda Accord with Coupe type that aim into family market. It design among the sophisticated technology, high perform and efficient. The planning of this Honda Accord will release first time in USA market....Read More
2009  Hyundai Genesis – Do not slur Hyundai again because Hyundai capable to do anything. It include to moving out the high sedan class according to several test that doing by Consumer Report, a most prestigious consumer protection magazine. 2009 Hyundai Genesis, the first Hyundai premium car get point...Read More
You heard about the fastest motorcycle in the world in our previous post.  Today we would like to give you the detail specification of Tomahawk. Engine 500 bhp (372 kW) @ 5600 rpm (60.4 bph / liter ); 525 lb.-ft. (712 Nm) @ 4200 rpm 10-silinder 90 degrees V-type,...Read More
Tomahawk is the fastest motorcycle in the world with 8200 cc! Chrysler, the creator of Tomahawk uses the main technology Viper V-10, and the machine with 500 Hp power with four wheels. With the original concept and the 9 replicas for $555.000 per unit, this motorcycle is sold through...Read More
The sport motorcycle made by MV Agusta was launched in a small number (limited) and labeled F4CC. The maximum speed can reach 300 km/hour. MV Augusta is loose to emulate in the world motorcycle’s market as well as in its own country.  Ducati, Aprilia and Piaggio are winning with...Read More
As the birth place of motorcycle, the factory has been trying to do the best in creating the great motorcycle.  The whole elements from the factory such as the human resources, the machines and the knowledge are doing the best to create the best motorcycle.Read More
As the main element of a motorcycle, machine is growing up incredibly.  This is including the technology’s growth of the speed, comfort level and the fuel economical.Read More
The race arena as one of the measure of motor’s strength has created many phenomenons and technology’s miracle. The high quantity of race has become the routine event to prove who is the best and the strongest in motorcycle creation.Read More
This post is firs post to test all af siteRead More
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